Hey all!

My website is back up! You may have noticed that it was down for a while. Technical difficulties doesn’t even BEGIN to explain what was going on, and it was a mess of gargantuan proportions.

But we shall not dwell on the past! We shall not dwell on negative things! Instead shall just post new things! And before I post a real, true update-y post, I have to post this post about the best e-course I’ve ever done because its price DOUBLES tomorrow, and I have put it off, and oops, sorry, I’m letting you know on the last day (Surprise! I’m an ADHD champion!).

Promotional thingie

Listen, this year I became obsessed with online courses, probably because of the pandemic. I’ve kind of been getting good at knowing when a course is good, and also when a course is b.s. And the course I am about to share is one of the BEST out there.

IT’S CALLED MONEY, MANIFESTING AND MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME and it’s amazing and I need to tell you about them TODAY because today is the last day to get it at its original price of $99 before it DOUBLES IN PRICE TOMORROW (or technically maybe later tonight? Not sure how time in Australia works).

(Sorry for not posting about this earlier, but, uh, my blog was down for three months so, uh, oops.)

Last year, right as the Panorama began to wrap its wiry hands around Earth’s neck, some pretty major shifts happened. Lolly decided she was ready for us to live apart from each other (an understandable choice since, well, we are divorced and, well, she was almost engaged to be married to someone). What this meant, though, was that I was homeless during the onset of a global pandemic.

It was not fun. Let me tell ya.

I stayed with my best friend Ben–or rather, I stayed with my Carlos, who lived on the top floor of Ben’s house with my brother, Chad–and I tried to kinda figure out what my next steps were. Things were feeling really sad and really hopeless and scary, and it was at that time that I stumbled on a link.

Guys, this course-and I know lots of people say this kind of thing and there’s no way everyone who says it can possibly MEAN it, but I actually MEAN it–changed my life.

Within the first week or two of the course, I was already saving $5,000 a year, just from tweaking a few things using some simple spreadsheets she provided. And now the changes in my financial life are even more obvious. In the last year I:

reduced my credit card debt by over $20,000
–am making 30% more annually than I was last year. We’re talking tens of thousands more in income.
–I increased the revenue streams bringing income into my life

But more importantly than that, this course has helped me feel better about money, and about myself as an earner of money. It has helped me reframe my entire worldview on wealth, and where I am going as a person with immense earnings and earning potential. It has helped me understand, on a really under-the-surface, bodily, feeling type of level, that wealth and money are not bad things, but that they are good things, and that in the right hands, they can help transform this world.

If this sounds like something your soul has yearning for, click over and sign up in the next few hours.

So yes. If you buy it in the next few hours? $99 bucks. If you buy it tomorrow. Almost $200. (See how I’m a math whiz? See how I know to multiply things by 2? INCREDIBLE!)

Her course is designed primarily for women, and it talks about the need for women millionaires–wealthy women who have the means to channel the power of money into the things that matter to them, for a change, instead of it mainly being wielded by white straight dudes as it has for most of history. (Sorry white straight friends–I do love ya, but it is other populations turn, and especially women’s turn–to decide how the power of money should best be distributed, utilized, and shepherded in this world. That said, this course could help you too. I know because it really helped me even though I’m white and male myself!)

It’s truly such a rare find to stumble on content that is really excellent for a price that is unbelievable. I’m honestly glad Leonie is upping her prices because the content she shares is worth SO MUCH MORE than $99. But, while that price still lasts, I wanted to make sure any other soul out there, like me, who might be struggling with the stresses of money can access it for the dirt cheap price I got it at.

I just know that there are people out there like me who have been wanting to improve their financial situation and their outlook on money, but just didn’t know where to look to find the right kind of information to make it happen. If this is you, I promise that if you take this course (and do the homework!) your financial outlook and financial situation will improve. It just will. It’s that good.

And why learn from Leonie?

Oh, only because she is a multi-millionaire goddess of love and light who has been named one of Australia’s top female entreprenuers multiple times and has published nearly half-a-million copies of her bestselling books/planners all while working only 3-10 hours a week and raising two children. That’s why.

And also, one time she had me on her podcast!

Much love to you all. I’ve got another post in the works for later next week but wanted to get this out here while the whole sale thing was still in effect (barely, oops).


Oh, PS, I should mention THERE ARE ACTUALLY THREE COURSES that she is raising the price on, and I have done the other two as well, but I won’t be all gushy about them because neither you nor I has that kind of time, but I’ll mention them briefly.


40 Days to a Finished Book is for anyone who has a book inside them that they have wanted to get onto paper. It’s a 40-day course that walks you step-by-step through the process of getting your idea onto paper, and it is phenomenal at helping you get your book into the world. It helped me with a project I thought I would never get all the way on paper and took that project straight from my brain, and put it onto my laptop like a little miracle.


It’s called 40 Days to a Finished E-course and it is–you guessed it!–all about how to successfully create an E-course, and how to market it and share it with the world. (Obviously, e-courses are her jam, and I learned TONS from that course and have my own e-course coming out in the near future.)

Both of these courses are $99 as well UNTIL TOMORROW. So this truly is the last chance to bring these things into your life at such a low cost. If either of those are your cup of tea, click on over and snag either one of them because they are just as incredible as the money one–I just think the money one has so many mental health benefits that it’s the one I love sharing most with people.

All right, over and out. Thanks for reading this very sale-sy post that contains something important to my <3. Much love to all!