I was in my office between sessions when I got the agent’s first response:

I just started it today and am already impressed. More to come very soon.

I can’t describe the sensation that little email created… two sentences, that meant so much. He had read it. He was reading it and he was impressed. He was going to write more very soon. He was going to write me and tell me something. Was this the thing that happens to writers when they finally get an agent? Was this about to happen to me? Was I about to score a top-tier, millions-of-dollars-making agent?

I stood up and took a walk to center myself. I walked the serene, empty, dead-end street next to a stream and a forest that I like to take walks on during my work day. I sent the email to Lolly from my phone. We both sent frantic texts of what could this possibly mean??? and this is so totally amazing and awesome and such.

Something big was happening. It felt like it was happening really fast, too.

Break-neck fast.

The next days were agony, of course. But the best kind of agony. The kind of agony where you know something really good is coming, but you just don’t know what the good thing is, exactly.

The second response came on a Thursday, three days later. I remember the exact moment of the day it came, the exact client I had just seen, and I remember what I was wearing even (which is very atypical of me–usually I don’t remember things like that). I checked the account he and I were communicating through for the four millionth time, and there was his name in dark black. He’d sent something.

I took a deep breath and clicked on it, and started reading the words I had been craving to see for years–the words I have wanted an agent say to me since I’d first sent a query. I was shaking with excitement.

I would absolutely love to try and sell this for you guys. It’s really such an amazing love story–so well written–and it is going to be a very special book. 

Can we get on the phone and talk things over? 

This. was. happening.

It was happening so fast. And things were about to get even faster. Fast like a shooting star: brilliant, luminescent, and then… gone.