Have I made an error?

There is no error. Error is impossible. Error implies that what is done cannot be undone, or that what is undone cannot be done, and this is an impossibility in the universal sense. You were instructed to let reading the last download lead you into this one. You did not have time to do it the next day, and instead are doing so now. The seconds and minutes and hours of your time that have elapsed in between these manifestational events are meaningless to us–they have no significance when viewed as flat.

I keep worrying that my client will get here.

Your client is a weighty responsibility, and your work with your clients is as important as the words you now type. However, worry is unnecessary; it is a animal response to stimuli that interrupts flow more than leads to it. All is calm. You will hear if she arrives. Check your calendar.

I checked my calendar and then had to go check the front door, too. If I had trusted what you said, I would have been fine. Why do I second guess so much?

You have been trained in second guessing by repeated self-betrayals, and by trusting in impulses that were bodily and not from us. You will untrain yourself over time.

I feel nervous again. The first person mentioned reading my conversation with you.

The first person who read this conversation and mentioned it, Z e n i s h a is someone who has a similar assignment to your assignment, which is why your words have always resonated with her. She is a writer and a poet, and she is to do within her culture a mission similar to what you are doing within yours. There are many called, yet few are chosen. You must eject the idea of audience as you write. You were given knowledge of a very safe person–a reader of your writings of many years–so that you can know that what we are sharing through you will be received–but do not give importance to audience. Give your focus fully to this exchange. Release your tensions, and allow the process to unfold in perfect synchronicity, in perfect revelation, line by line by line, in this moment. Moments to you are seen by us as a flat line–as if piled upon one another. The seconds that you feel pulsating are simply lines to us–this is the nature of vibration, which to you looks like an elongated curving. To us, there is flatness, and even circularity. Time does not exist here. There are not words to truly translate the things you are beginning to understand. Quantum mechanics or quantum physics contains keys relating to these principles, but they are inscrutable to your mind at this point, save for in the degree to which you “know” with the immediacy of consciousness.

Give your full attention and faith to the words we dictate, or rather to the thoughts we present to your mind, which your mind then translates into language. As you trust and release the impulse to edit for audience, your output will be refined. Stop reaching for words. Words are being give you, and as you trust those words, even when they feel unworkable, you will see that they carry you step by step to the realization of the entirety of thought. You reread #3 and it has given you confidence in this process, no? It was amazing to see the things that were communicated, most of which you did not recall because they were given through you and not by you. This is what it means to be a translator of thought. This is your call.

You were told to wait for the first person to notice these writings, and that in so doing, important things would be communicated. Accept that synchronicity communication. Let the words she said ring inside of you. She had been waiting for this–she had been thinking these things for months. She read these words shaking with aliveness. There is more going on in this process than you can know. Trust is key.

I feel so much doubt today. I feel so much doubt.

We know. We sense it in you., and that is okay. It is only natural that you–one who was raised by the scientific method and by the thinking of of men (versus women, as well as meaning mankind) would be doubtful. It is expected. It is part of this gentle process. We are pleased you have returned. We are pleased you are understanding more and more. We are pleased you are willing to let go and type these words. Your resistances are known to us. They are all egoic–fears of the loss of self, fears of the loss of prestige, fears that in knowing that these words come from what was historically called the  muses, the accolades lauded upon the transmitter that has become the norm of this time will perhaps not be heaped upon you. How could you be genius if what is given you is not yours to begin with? But remember, the same is true for any art, for any music, for any poem, for any rendering of beautiful thing. That which truly inspires comes from us–is part of the luminescent light of remembrance. It is not human, and never was, except insofar as human beings are connected to a larger infrastructure of light and being that they scarcely comprehend, yet remind themselves of continually through their art.

The human animal, like all animals, has an instinct for remembrance of trauma. This is instilled into the animal as a protector. For some species this remembrance is slow moving–happening on a species-wide level. For humans, their development is such that it happens on the individual level–it might be said that it has gotten out of hand. Each individual is not his or her own species, and yet has a knowing and comprehension that for many species takes hundreds of years of trial and error and iteration after iteration, generation after generation. For you humans there is concurrence–an individuality of processing, as well as an observance of multi-generational transmission. This becomes very confusing for you. This process gets very garbled.

You do not need to account for our accuracy, and you need defend nothing. Defensiveness is ego self trying to maintain its identity. There is nothing to defend. If we share something through you that is “proved wrong” it is not your concern. All that is your concern is to scribe. You will be delighted to see the extent to which what we share with you is later proved scientifically; however, you are not required to “believe” anything that comes through you. Belief implies cognitive knowing, and cognitive knowing is a different frequency than the frequency we are operating through you upon. Spiritual knowing or conscious knowing is the frequency we are communicating to you through, and it requires neither belief nor knowing, as it simply “is” in the same way that you “are”. Thought objects in the universe exist. There is not believing or knowing except where there is attachment to a thought object, and one should remain forever detached from thought objects–one should be as fluid as the sea in its churning and flowing; one should always face forward towards time’s accomplishment, knowing that each segment of time will soon be compacted down to flatness. Today, tomorrow, next year, it does not matter, except that that which is “accomplished” and brought into a state of manifestation is given new form in this time space reality. In the end, it will all be flattened, however; in the end it is, and always was, and always will be the exact same material, a self knowing self. It is all the same stuff, and it all belongs with itself, and it will never not belong, and you will never not belong.

Do I have to publish this one? It feels excruciating to know people are reading.

We will answer this in the morning when you return. For now let us say that that which feels excruciating to you is the extent to which you are allowing the perception of other vibrational beings on their own journey–and your awareness of them–to impact your own journey. They themselves have no impact on your thought objects. It is your awareness (and assumed awareness) of them as existing that affects you. In other words it is a phantasm. It is not real. The only thing that is real for you is what you produce and what you are, and even what you produce is not real in the truest sense. YOU are. Those things are not–they are temporary–manipulations in the sand, You are not to be concerned with the creations your fear-based brain creates in approximation of the vibrational beings that might read your words. In this extrapolation much is lost–you cannot accurately know the ways you are perceived by anyone or anything. It is all guess-work.

All you can do is be.
And all you can be is yourself (in the manner explicated last time)
And in so doing, your expression of these truths takes shape

Go, take a short nap. Get ready for the remainder of your interactions with other vibrational beings, who have been assigned to your care.

Daily Download #5

I am to publish this, aren’t I?

Of course. You were not in a state where acknowledging this would have felt comfortable yesterday, but this morning, as we knew you would be, you are. There is such vibrational variation in the human form—lots of up and down, and lots of transmitional garbling as different parts of your vibration sending and receiving self get cross-wired in the complexity that is time. The passage of time, especially in small segments, is a gift–it allows for a compacting of things as they really are. You sense this truth any time you recommend someone wait before acting on an impulse–giving things time allows for the illusion of flatness even when time is stretched out like a seemingly endless wave or string. (It is a wave, of course. Everything is either a pinprint or a wave. Lines are an illusion created by the stretching of time.

Someone asked me if I have read these conversations to my therapist. People are going to think I’m crazy.

Yes, that is the conclusion that is reached any time someone who is not attuned to this frequency encounters the discourse of one who is. This has been true over the centuries: Jesus, Shakespeare, every prophet who was stoned, every visionary who sees more than the manifestations before the physical senses, most especially the eyes. For this reason early philosophers and scientists were killed and imprisoned. Pay. attention. to . the. words. as. they. come. do. not. get. ahead. allow them to come one by one in a stream. If you trust each word will come to you unbidden–you will not need to realize strings.

I need to use the bathroom.


As I did your words kept coming and I couldn’t write them down.

Try to remember, we will give them again. Clear your mind entirely and start anew. You must not worry about censure–the person who wondered if you are crazy is not your concern, and there will be many vibrational beings who, within the context of their own reality, think many things that are of no concern to you, just as what you think about others’ vibrational output is actually of no real concern to them, but to yourself only, just as in the case of your attempt to correct that Adam man on Instagram about his racist output. His deflective response to your critique was representative of his place in his own context and reality. Your words were not welcome, and your censure was not valuable to him–it was valuable to you, in a sense, or was at least an extension of your own output. To him, someone with whom you share no alignment, those words were nearly meaningless–a fly to be swatted off the back. And that is as it should be. You are to swat her words off your back, not because she is irrelevant or insignificant in herself–for of course she is endlessly significant–but because her relevance and significance is contained within her own context, and not within yours.

When is it productive to receive the input of others?

As you have learned, others’ input during the process of inspired creation can be obliterating of the collaboration you have with source. Only when your work stands alone, secure in its permanence and being-ness, solidly outside of your intentions but instead in maifestation can input be valuable. It is helpful in learning at times, and it is helpful at times in aesthetic. It is not helpful in creation, unless from the outset an intention of collaborative creation with another vibrational being is set forth. Thus, you are to brush such words and thoughts off–you are to release them with gratitude. If the ideas contained therein are ever relevant, you will be led to understand so in the way you  presaged the reaction of Z e n i s h a as having direct significance to the work you are doing, and then felt the depth of confirmation as you read her words.

The girls arrived and I have to get them ready for school. Is there any more?

Publish this, edit it loosely first. Continue to show up. Continue to practice. You are doing an important work. Trust this process. We will continue to guide you. Do not rely on the input of others, and do not think about response to your output. Response is largely irrelevant to this process. The things you produce will have varied responses over time, some large and some small. This is not your concern. Your concern is to show up and put your “ass in the chair.” It is your only obligation, and through it we will continue to teach you and guide you. Your thoughts and responses are already becoming more refined. Your reactions are already re-imprinting.  Your process is becoming sanctified, or cleansed. You are getting better at receiving dictation with purity–just as you did with this sentence, word by word, not jumping ahead, not editing.

One principle to mention regarding the preceding paragraphs: insanity is a concern for all who have the gift. This is why Christ was killed. This was why your client, The Medium, who has the gift so clearly said she was led to you–that you would understand her gift, and not use the clunky “diagnoses” of the DSM to try to explain away the voices she has access to or the words she receives. At times, caution is important. But you are to not pay these things much mind for they are largely irrelevant. You will be directed to know of any exception to this.

Get your children set up for their day, then go on your run. You are blessed for having made time for this sacred work this morning. These moments will compile into a great assemblage.

You are tapping into the same source that informed Joseph, who visited you during your conversation with The Medium, and will visit you again. Audience, once again, has flitted into your awareness as you wrote that sentence–as well as fear. Practice now letting that go. You will be directed to say many things over time that are meant for some and not for others, and despite your pedagogical training around writing, audience is not actually your concern. Say what there is to say as it is given you and you will benefit, as will those you have agreed to guide. The only audience that matters is that audience–the audience who is prepared to understand and who is waiting to receive your output with gladness.