Body Deformities

I have body deformities. And I have written posts about them because there’s nothing more fun than talking about brain lesions.

I am making this page in an effort to become #1 on Google for the phrase “body deformities.” It is an ambitious goal. I am currently #4. The monopoly on this random phrase will be mine!

If you are here in search of information about body deformities, you are in the wrong place. If you are here to read funny stories about my deformed eye which makes me look vaguely like a serial killer, my nasal polyp, or my brain cyst, you are in the right place.

Take a gander!

Body Deformities: Part I

Body Deformities: Part II–The Creepiest Face You Might Ever See

Body Deformities: Part III–Cysts and Polyps and How I Thought I was Going to Die

Body Deformities: Part IV–Random Observation and LAWSUIT CITY