ADHD Anecdotes

(Aside: This portion of my blog was written before I realized that this blog is a humor blog.  Thus, these stories are very dramatic sounding, as if I were talking about something very dire like cancer or Kanye West.  If you find yourself laughing at the melodrama, don’t feel bad.  I got medicine, and now I feel better.)

ADHD-I is a difficult thing to describe to others.  The symptoms seem like very simple things: forgetting needed items, or being late, or misplacing the obvious.  But for someone with ADHD-I, they are so much more than that–they are terrible, socially unacceptable and shaming experiences that are, for the most part, outside of the person’s locus of control.  This is a list of anecdotes from my life (as well as guest submissions) that demonstrate the humiliating and difficult components of this disorder.

If you wish to contribute an ADHD anecdote (from any subtype), please email your submission to inattentive (dot) subtype (at) gmail (dot) com.

ADHD Anecdotes:

1. My Solo
2. An Email to the Moms
3. A Liar
4. From a Teacher’s Perspective
5. A Father’s Influence
6. Classic Josh (forgetting the one needed thing)