Presenting today at the community college ended up going great. Makes me miss teaching. And I did pretty well getting the thing put together, which was great.

Five days left until I hit my one month mark. Perhaps I can do more than a throwaway post tomorrow? Methinks, yes. But, overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve done for myself here in a month. It’s been great to get my thoughts out–get things solidified. This thing has provided direction for me–an anchor in an otherwise chaotic world of inattentive blunders. It’s been awesome so far, and I’m excited to plow forward.

Coming attractions:

1. An ADHD Anecdote tomorrow.
2. Maybe a book review this week?
3. An attempt at a new color scheme?
4. Gotta say, none of these save for #1 are definite.
5. Perhaps that means I should read this again?
6. Have a very nice night.