Post #13–Ultrasound

I’ve worked for hours on the final post in this little series. It’s LOOONG. It feels very cathartic to almost be done.

But, yes, you read the title of today’s post correctly.

Lolly and I have an announcement to make:

We are having another spawn!!!

This afternoon, we left the girls at home with their Uncle Chad while we went off to the doctor to have the gender ultrasound. This December has been uncharacteristically sunny, but today there was rain. We drove in the dreary Seattle weather like we have in the past, and pulled up to the office we’d been to many times before. But this time, there was a finality to it. We know that this baby will be our last, and that after it comes, the Weed family will be complete.

We were both nervous as we sat in the waiting room.

Baby gender is such a strange thing. It determines so much.

For us, a boy would mean: lots of new experiences, having to buy all new stuff, and the thrill of something different. A girl would mean: having the special quality of having all kids of one gender (which I hear is very bonding for them), not having to buy new stuff, and settling comfortably into something familiar.

Soon, we were in the little office with the tech, and she was looking at every single feature of this child’s body except its junk, and we were feeling nervous, and after seeing the baby’s brain, femur, heart, arm, face, profile, placenta-home–just short of isolating each individual strand of DNA–the tech finally said: “Oh, and the baby turned. I can finally see its gender. Do you want to know it?”

And I now repeat the question. Do you want to know the gender of the final Weed child?

If so, scroll down

Keep scrolling….


Don’t you HATE when people do this? I know I do….

One more scroll, just for kicks….

IT’S A GIRL!!!!!
We couldn’t be more thrilled. And Anna, Viva and Tessa are absolutely over the moon with excitement at being able to use their sister as a living dress-up doll having a baby sister.
One thing is for certain though. I need to get a dog. And it needs to be male. (I also think this entitles me to an incredible man-cave. I’m already drawing up blueprints for the third bay of our garage…)


  1. Congratulations!!!! I am one of five girls (no boys) and everywhere we went, people would tell my Dad how sorry they were for him. Don't let people do that– my Dad LOVED having daughters! In fact, in order to get people to stop saying, "Last try for a boy?" when my Mom was pregnant with what turned out to be Girl #5, he finally started telling them, "If it's a boy, he's going to wear dresses and play with dolls, because we are NOT buying all new stuff for our fifth kid!" That usually shut them up.

    My all-girl family was awesome, though, and I feel like I grew up with my four best friends and we're all still really close now that we're grown (despite living far apart). Seriously, I am SO happy for you guys!!!!! And I loved this post– loved your awesome attitude about it all!

  2. So excited for you guys! What great news. I was just thinking the other day about your baby on the way and wondering if you knew the gender yet. What a lucky little girl!

  3. Oh, but when we got a dog, my Dad also insisted we get a male. So I think that's a more than fair request! He never got a man-cave, but did spend many happy hours on the golf course!

  4. 🙂 congrats, you guys. Jeff and I are in the process of starting the process of having our last baby, too. How's that for a slightly uncomfortable euphamism…. anyway, i know where you're at. We're there, too. it's such a strange, liberating but also a little bit sad, but also hugely relieved, stage to be at, I think.

  5. Congrats! I grew up in a 2-girl, no-boy family, so my dad was the odd one out. But now husband, foster son and the dog are all boys, so I'm the odd one out. I don't mind it! 🙂

  6. Yay! Congrats! I was just wondering if you two were planning on having more kids what with Tessa turning 4 and all (and no, I'm not a creepy stalker who memorized all your kids' birthdays. I only remembered because she was born a couple of months before my boy. 😉 ). So happy for you! And good luck when they all hit puberty and hate your guts! (You too, Lolly). Lol

  7. Congrats! A friend of mine had five daughters and then when her oldest was 18 and youngest 12, she had a surprise mid life pregnancy – you guessed it, a boy!

  8. You da man, Josh. You're gonna be spoiled rotten for the rest of your life by all those females! Way to go, you clever man. I think another girl is perfect!

    A man cave and a male dog would be just awesome. Head on over to for some manly company until you get your other man stuff going at home. That place has the nicest testosterone on the planet.

  9. YEAH! Congratulations! What wonderful news. I'm so excited for you guys (well, mostly gals) and I have truly enjoyed reading your posts – finally ;). BTW – My brother had 5 girls….. start saving now for the weddings 😀 We love you

  10. I'm SO FREAKIN' EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Also, I'm so glad you're back blogging again. Of course, the one post with comments enabled happened to happen when I was taking an "Internet Break" for a while, but I've been breathlessly reading your 2013 experience blog posts and just wishing (like I do whenever I watch a tragedy) that something SOMEWHERE could have gone differently.

    But–back to the great news about your newest little daughter!! Congrats–I hope Lolly hasn't been too sick!!

  11. Congratulations!!! I have a family with 5 girls and one boy. I love having my sisters because now that my younger sisters are getting older I can finally steal their clothes and shoes! 😀 Super happy for all of you.

  12. Congrats! Way to go. You opened the present early, as my hubby would say, lol. He thinks it's cheating to see what it is ahead of time. 😉 Needless to say we didn't know on most of ours. Hope everything goes well!!

  13. Josh, my husband and I have five girls and one boy. And our son was number three. Most appalling was everyone who said, "Now that you have a boy you're done, right?' Noooooo. And then they assumed we had three more children so we could get another boy. Noooooo. I decided when I was a little girl I wanted six children. I didn't care WHAT they were! Congratulations! My girls are all adults now and are the BEST of friends!

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