FFAQ attack!

It’s already that time again.

Time for more questiones (pronounced “queschiones”). But before we get to that I wanted to share these pictures from a birthday party Tessa went to. Our friend Katie hosted a Ninja party for her daughter, Macie, and Tessa was invited.

We didn’t really have a Ninja costume. So we improvised. We dressed her in black, and then we put a headband on her head. A pirate headband.

Given this post, I bet you can guess what happened when it was time to take pictures:

She is now officially a pirate.
(Our friend Jennifer who took the photo said she realized too late that she wasn’t supposed to tell Tessa to smile for the camera… and I’m glad, because this is awesome.)
Pirates love cake. Arggggh!

All right, and now it’s time to get FFAQing. 
You know the drill now, yes? 
Rundown: ask questions in the comments (about anything) for today’s Friday’s Frequently Asked Question. Ditto questions you like. The question with the most dittoes is the one I answer next Friday. And so and so forth, into perpetuity. You have 24 hours to vote, after which comment moderation will be activated and any questions or dittoes will not be published. Questions asked earlier fair better because they have more time, but we’ve had winners asked pretty late in the game. Don’t be afraid to throw a question out there–few dittoes doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good question. I’ve had questions not get attention one week, only to win another week. Be brave and curious.
Ready, set, GO!
Oh wait, I always forget to make this official. 
There. Much better.

All right. NOW.


  1. Have you given any thought to when/how/what you will tell your girls about your orientation and the choices you have made in that regard?

  2. Oh, and also, Hi Josh, Hope all is well with you and that the trolls have crawled back under their rocks and I just want you to know your family is the cutest.
    And…first post! Yay!

  3. How do you feel about the anti gay marriage laws that have been praying in some states? (I wasn't sure how to say that in a politically correct way, so of I offended anyone I'm sorry, out was not my intention

  4. If one of your girls ends up contemplating marriage with someone who is attracted to men, what advice would you give her? What advice would you give the two of them together?

  5. How do you feel about men who are seduced into the gay lifestyle, though had no prior inclination towards it, and who adopt the moniker, gay? Don't they demand to be part of the discussion?

    1. I think it's a legitimate question. Pretty sure my dad is one of the seducers and has been for decades. Of course he sleeps with young gay men, but I think he enjoys finding the young and impressionable and draws them in. Perhaps most of them would end up in a gay lifestyle but maybe not all. Maybe some would be like Josh.

      And before you judge, I have several gay friends in committed long term relationships and I love them dearly. I don't have anything against gay people. One couple is in the process of adopting 2 young boys they foster who would otherwise languish in the foster care system. I am grateful they'll get to grow up in a safe, loving stable home.

    2. If a heterosexual man can be seduced into a "gay lifestyle" can a gay man be seduced into a "straight lifestyle"? If Josh picks this one, maybe he will comment on my question.

  6. I just wanna know therapy stuff. You know how having a blog on the internet where you share personal things effects your client work. Mostly I just wanna talk to you about a lot of stuff as I'm being trained as a therapist.

  7. Hello, fellow fitness aficionado! SO lovely, running into you guys outside the gym. Thank you for allowing me my starstruck moment and for introducing me to the sweet little Tessa. I hope she's enjoying her Zumba jingles. She'll be an instructor in NO time! ;o) You guys were super fun to chat with. Let's run into each other again sometime!! P to the S…ZUMBA, Saturday at 11am!!!

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