There’s no really good way to phrase that, is there? Blogsolutions? Bloglutions? Blutions?

Basically what I’m getting at is that for 2014, I’m setting some goals for my blog.

Ambitious, right?

2013 was an interesting year for The Weed. It was a year of transition. It took this blog from its phase of being about the direct aftermath of my coming out post to… whatever it is now. It was a good year, but I do have some things I’d like to work on and change.

2014 will see a lot of good things. I have things planned, but I don’t like sharing the plans because then I feel like a big loser if I don’t end up following through with the plans. But let’s just say that I have some good things in store–things that I’m excited about. While I plan to talk about the issue of homosexuality still, I also plan on this year to focus more on other components of my life too. More posts about my family and friends. More posts about writing. More posts about the hilariousness and awkwardness of life. Just more posts in general.

I’m also going to do this thing where I allow myself to stream-of-concious sometimes. I have no idea what that will yield. It might be really, really horrible, actually. But it also might be really interesting. It’s an exercise in letting go of control and letting my thoughts appear unfiltered and raw. Insecurities, strange thoughts, randomness. I’m excited to see what happens.

I’m focusing this year on really letting go of outside voices and publishing the things that are a true reflection of self. I’m going to try to be less self-editing, and more open and real and authentic. That being said, I also am passionate about making sure what I post is entertaining, thoughtful and articulate. Basically, I want everyone to have a good time when they’re here. Including me. I’m hoping 2014 sees a lot of that.

I have other goals. It basically boils down to this: I want to get better and better at blogging. I hope this year sees me really get good at this craft. I want to be better to my readers, and I want to keep promises to them and to myself. I want to be consistent and fun. I want this place to feel like a good, comfortable, reliable space for all of us.

I’m excited for this year of growth and expansion, and I’m so excited to have each you of you along for the ride.

Happy New Year, friends. My hopes for each of you are cheesy and filled with joy and amazing things–such amazing things for you this year. May pain decrease and joy enter in. My there be prosperity and may there be delicious food and good health. May those you love grow closer to your heart, and may each of you become closer to becoming the person you were meant to be.

Thanks for being a part of my life.



  1. I think you'll experience the most rewards if you write when and about what you feel passionate for. But I respect whatever you choose, of course.

  2. You do you, Josh. Your supporters will still be here and your fair weather friends will go. Either way, you will have support and be valued for who you really are, not what others want you to be. }

  3. "May those you love grow closer to your heart, and may each of you become closer to becoming the person you were meant to be." This made me feel kind of emotional. Same to you – thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Stream of.consciousness, of.conscious. it is the.little.mistakes.that can trip you up and take a reader out of.the.story. Are little mistakes important? If you want to be really good then I think they.are.

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