Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA. I have a post that I’ve been working on talking about last weekend, but it is getting really looooong (but also really important) and isn’t ready yet–probably will be on Monday but don’t quote me on that because I’m not known for being able to predict the future. Or for getting things done on time. Or for even understanding how time works. (“Oh, ten to means ten before the hour. Not 10:02. Gotcha.”)

In the meantime though, it’s time to do another FFAQ.

Ground rules on this one are a little different though… I will answer any question you might have–really anything at all–but I’m going to ask you not to ask anything about the issue of gay marriage or my post from last week, mostly because, as I said, I’m already working on a post talking about that, and I don’t want to have to write two posts about this if it wins FFAQ. That would just be boring, for you and me both.

Okay, so, you know the ground rules. Unless you’re new here, in which case, here you go:

Post questions in the comments. If you see a question you want answered, reply with a “ditto.” Questions that win tend to be short, clear and asked within the first several hours after the post goes up. The questions can be about gayness, or about anything else (therapy question, personal life question, whatever). It’s okay if you want to ask a question that’s been asked before (even if I’ve answered it before a long time ago–my answer might be slightly different depending on how it’s asked). Last week was another example of a question that has been asked many times that, for whatever reason, got all the votes. This system is clunky and fickle, but it works. If you are actually reading this section let me know by writing the word purple in parentheses next to your ditto or question. The question chosen today will be answered next Friday, followed by another question the next Friday, and another answer the next, and so on and so forth, into perpetuity.

Ready. Set. Giddyup!

Oh, wait. This:

What would FFAQ be without our trusty label?

Okay, GO!