The other day I was home with the girls and suddenly I heard something we all know is ominous: silence. I could hear Anna and Viva playing downstairs, but it was Tessa I worried about. She is taking after her older sister these days, doing highly destructive things and then disarming us with a smile.

Anyway, I suddenly realized she was missing. I called her name several times, and nothing.

Then I started getting nervous. I searched every room in the house. She was nowhere. I went out to the garage, hoping I’d find her there, but to no avail. Finally I went outside, praying I would hear her voice, my mind filled with images of brutal traffic accidents and kidnappings.

And then I remembered: the day before, she and I had been playing hide and seek together. And I had explained to her how the game really works. She wanted to tell me her hiding spots–she wasn’t getting what the game was about. But I told her that the secret to a good game of hide and seek was to hide where nobody knows where you are.

Suddenly, I knew what she was doing…

A little relieved, I searched the house, and not very long thereafter, I saw something strange in her bedroom. A pile of blankets that looked a little abnormal:

Hmmm. Something’s fishy here. 

Turns out, she is getting really good at hide and seek. 
Surprise!!! Tessa wins at hide and seek! Especially when nobody realizes she’s playing hide and seek, thus freaking me out to the core.  
A few days later something even better happened that I’m I’m so incredibly sad we didn’t get a picture of.  Lolly was doing something in one of the bedrooms when she suddenly got the creepiest feeling that someone was watching her. She looked around the room and didn’t see anything, but then startled when she realized that among all the stuffed animals in the corner of the room, Tessa’s head was peering out at her, eyes wide. She wasn’t smiling, just sitting there creepily, calmly waiting to be found.
Perhaps T-bone is getting a little too good at hide and seek.