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Do you have that song in your head now?

If not, let me help you:

Who is surprised that this is one of Lolly’s favorite songs? Knowing her fondness for black men, I’m certainly not… 

All right, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get down to business.
It’s time for FFAQ (Friday’s Frequently Asked Question)!
I’m actually really excited to do a FFAQ again. It’s been way too long. Thanks for helping to remind this week what a fun, important part of my blog this is. 
If you’re new here, here’s how this goes down: ask a question in the comments. Any question. About anything. People will vote on the questions that accrue by placing the word “ditto” under the question they most like. Whichever question gets the most “dittoes” I will answer in a post next Friday. And so on and so forth into perpetuity. It’s not the most elegant system, but it does work.

Questions that get chosen tend to be somewhat short, very direct and clearly written. The earlier in the day you ask, the more time you have to get dittoes. I’ve been tempted in the past to do two separate days (one for asking questions and one for posting dittoes) but I’ve decided against it because I don’t want things to get too confusing (dittoes happening during the question-asking phase and such). Historically, questions asked hours into the day have been winners, so I think there is plenty of time to get a question out there in time to win. Also: many of the questions I’ve answered so far have won only after having not gotten enough votes in previous weeks, so recycled questions are a really good idea, and you definitely shouldn’t feel bad if yours doesn’t get dittoes this week–people’s whims change. There is no dumb question ever, and I’ve occasionally used questions that got very few dittoes in the past as a diving board for non-ffaq posts.
Your question can be about gayness, or it can be about anything else that might intrigue you (ADD, counseling, family life, llamas, etc.). I try to be as real, honest, open and vulnerable as I can as I answer these questions, and they have the tendency to go pretty deep. However, some winners have been light-hearted and fun as well.
All right folks, let’s do this thing. Good luck, and let the questions begin!!!
UPDATED: The voting is over (and in fact no votes after 1:00am this morning–24 hours–count). The winning question has been selected, and I will answer it next Friday. Thanks for yet another great FFAQ! This one was a really close one–the winner won by one vote–so definitely recycle the runner up. 

Next Friday I’ll be answering the following question: Being married to a wonderful man, who happens to be gay, I wonder if you have any advice? How common are mixed orientation marriages? How are they different, how are they alike?