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Sometimes I look at the date I’m like “Holy mother of pearl, it’s been 47 years since I posted” and then I think of all the things I could talk about and they parade through my mind like a… parade. (BEST SIMILE EVER.) But then, when I go to write crap down, it all leaks out of my brain like a… big ol’ brain leak. (I WIN AT WRITING.) And then my head is empty. So, so empty. Empty like… like something that’s really really empty and not full or even partially full of stuff. (SOMEBODY GET THE NOBEL LIT. PRIZE COMMITTEE ON THE PHONE ASAP)

So, instead, you get paragraphs like the above that contain parentheticals of me yelling at prize committees.

Blogging’s the best!

But yeah, here I am. Blogging up a storm on this Tuesday morning. Bloggedy blog blog.



*awkward silence*

So how are you? Good? Your parents all right? You enjoying the summer weather? Weather’s fascinating, huh?



Oh, I know what I can show you!

This is a sequence of photos that just appeared one day on Lolly’s phone. Your job is to guess what it is:

Oh crimeny. Is that what I think it is??? 
Wait… what? 

Still not sure whether to be relieved or disturbed…

Okay. Make your guess now. The next one is the big reveal.

Oooooh! Okay. Tessa got the phone. 
And she is apparently fascinated by her own feet. Got it.

Did anybody get it?
In closing, here are five random tidbits about the last few weeks:
1. Lots of work.
2. Mousley family reunion in a big ol’ mansion with a pool and tennis courts and stuff in Mapleton, UT. Refreshingly drama free, I might add, and very fun. 
3. Lots of Cafe Rio.
4. Visit to the Dunford Donut factory. Of course.
5. I can’t think of a fifth thing. Which means my life is really, really boring. Also two of the previous four have to do with food. I probably need to go on more runs. 
What have you been up to this summer? Anything I (or Lolly) should make sure to do with my girls before school starts?
I love you all.


  1. Go to a splash pad or have a huge water fight. We had one at work recently (ok, it was at the park, but it was a work thing), and it was absolutely epic. I will always promote soaking the higher up managers and having a rebellion against the supervisors. All in good fun!
    Of course, now my brilliant idea is to do the same with my daughter, but since we can't get anyone else around the house to have a water fight with us, we will settle for going to splash pad. 😉
    Hope you guys had a great summer!

  2. Look up your local mermaid and take your girls swimming with her!
    (I know where to find any mermaid in any state in the country (even the ones that aren't states yet) So just lemme know if you want to find a mermaid.)
    That will totally make their summer complete!

  3. I am a new reader to your blog…can't remember who sent me here. Anyhoo..I have had several people give "kudos" to your blog and insights.
    Nobel Peace Prize aside, you are a good, entertaining writer.

  4. Finally! I started to have an abstinence crisis! So five things we did: spent three weeks at the coast, went to the temple for five days with our three girls, buried a baby niece, spent too much money and fifth- got to the point when our oldest daughter is old enough to wear a bra. Would not wish you all of these, but it sure makes an interesting summer. Love you all!

  5. Haha! LIttle kids take funny pics! When I was a kid my brother took a close-up photo of his friend's eye, and somehow when you turned it sideways it looked like a woman's cleavage. Nobody would have ever guessed it was really Bobby's eye!

  6. Splash pad, for sure. Even if you've already done it a bazillion times this summer. After many years living in the Northwest, we finally went to Northwest Trek near Mt Rainier this summer and saw the animals. Take a ferry ride. Go to the aquarium. Go for a train ride. Just enjoy the rest of the summer with BBQs, park time, and laughter.

  7. Hello Josh! This is Michala DS (Spencer's friend, we met this past Sunday? Hopefully you didn't forget… that would be uncomfortable. Especially since we fist bumped and everything.) Glad to see you post again!

  8. Ahh, well, at least we know you're alive. And now we know about the art of photographing your feet to make them look like they could possibly be genitals. Thank you, Tessa.

  9. Sometimes the "what feel like epic fail" blog posts turn out to be the most epic! You are my "blog clog" ( you know, kind of like "brain drain") hero! That was hilarious. The suspense was killing me as each photo seemed to suggest "sudden destruction" and the gathering of "thick darkness" not unlike what JS experienced before the First Vision (hope that's not too blasphemic, yikes). Thank you for delivering us all from great alarm and evil :-). And I'm really glad that the fuzzy green-brown stuff in the upper left corner of the first photo was not toenail fungus.

  10. It's nice to see you back blogging, Weeder. Even if it is about nothing.
    What do you get at Cafe Rio? I used to like the chicken burrito but these days I'm kind of into the pork nachos. Today kind of sucks so maybe I'll go stuff my pie hole with some tonight.

  11. This makes me think of the time that I was in a sharing mood so I took an up close picture of me pinching my belly and put it on facebook and my facebook friend from 1995 Seminary thought I was posting a picture of my ass and she got all offended. And I'm like um… I thought you knew I was classier than that. True story, weed.

  12. I have had a blog brain freeze for months now. Then I started re-reaading some of my old stuff and was so inspired. I must be a bit self absorbed I suppose. I liked the pictures of feet. I also love my feet! Self absorbedness confirmed…

  13. Hey I grew up in mapleton and probably know exactly where it was at. Was the house right at the base of the mountain kinda all by itself and you had to drive up a step driveway To get to it with an outdoor tennis court nd indoor pool and indoor basketball court? If so it was my brother in laws parents and I spent many days up there. So glad you had fun in my hometown. I am a farmers daughter and I love it up there. Granted I only moved to the next town over. But still love it up there. Hope you enjoyed our great little city while your where here.

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