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The other day I got home from work, and Lolly and I seriously had this conversation:

Lolly:  I watched the latest episode of “So I’m married to a…”

Me: Yeah? How was it?

Lolly: Crazy! Okay, so this Christian girl, who’s a virgin, is in love with a transgendered man who still has lady parts down south.

Me:  Oh wow. That’s… interesting.

Lolly: Right? She’s like this young, naive Christian girl who’s never had sex and on the episode she was like “I just don’t know what it will be like. I don’t have a frame of reference. And I love him. So I’m willing to take that leap…”

Me: Holy smokes, that’s some serious cojones! Or actually, I guess it’s not that at all. In fact, it’s a complete lack of cojones. Anywhere.

Lolly: Exactly. It’s such a strange situation. I mean, she’s really sweet, and seems so sincere, but part of me wants to get her alone and be like, girlfriend, I don’t think you realize what you’re doing! You might seriously regret this some day…

It was at approximately this moment in the conversation that it dawned on us how utterly hypocritical we were being. And we started laughing. Hard.

Me: Um, you realize this is precisely what people think about us, right?

Lolly: It’s so true!

Me: *more laughter* I can’t believe we just had that conversation.

Lolly: I know. It’s so ridiculous! I mean we did go into a marriage with similar risks. And then go on a TV show about it. The exact same TV show, like three episodes earlier. And here I am talking about how naive the girl was being!


In conclusion: human beings have an amazing capacity to judge others’ situations, even when they have absolutely no grounds whatsoever to do so. (See that? I just judged every human being on earth right there. Broad sweeping generalizations are fun!)

Sorry Christian girl on “I’m Married to a…” Not that it matters at all, but you have our blessing and we respect your choice.

In other totally unrelated news, the responses to our vocal competition were so good! We’re still in the process of narrowing things down, but I can’t tell you how touched I was to hear so many great artists record this song. More to come soon.