That awkward moment when…

So at about this time last year, Lolly and I had had several very strong impressions that we were supposed to share our story, and that it would lead to some changes for us. We had no idea what those changes would look like. We didn’t even know what we would be sharing about our story at this point or where we would say it, but we knew we were supposed to prepare ourselves for something. Something that felt like it would be big.

With that in mind, we faithfully started calling people. Every Sunday, for weeks, we would call a close friend or family member that we knew needed to hear our story from our lips.
I’m sure you can see where this is going. The following speaker phone conversation between us and Lolly’s brother, Scott, and his wife, Mickelle, happened a year ago today on a random Sunday:
Lolly and Josh: Hey guys. How’s it going?
Scott and Mickelle: Oh, you know. We’re good.
(small talk ensues for several minutes)
Lolly and Josh: Well, we’re calling to tell you something. It’s something kind of important, and it’s probably gonna sound a little weird.
Scott and Mickelle: Okaaaaay…
Lolly and Josh: So, we’ve felt lately like we are going to have to share some really private information about ourselves in a more public way. We’re not even sure what that means. All we know is that we are supposed to be calling the people we love and are closest to to tell them some important information about our lives. It’s nothing bad. It’s just… really personal.
Scott and Mickelle: All right. Out with it! What is this “big thing”?
Lolly and Josh (look at each other): Okay, here it goes. We wanted to call and let you know that Josh is gay.
Scott and Mickelle: ….
Lolly and Josh: So, yeah, Josh is same sex attracted, and it’s something Lolly has known our whole marriage. So nothing has changed at all, and we’re still exactly the same as you’ve always seen us as, we just have this extra layer that we didn’t really talk about.
Scott and Mickelle:… 

Lolly and Josh: So, uh, we wanted to let you know…?
Scott and Mickelle: All right, guys, enough already. Happy April Fools! Hardy har har. Gotta admit, that’s a pretty good one…
Lolly and Josh: Oh, no! Is today April first? Okay. So… we didn’t realize the date. And we’re actually serious right now…
Scott and Mickelle: Sure, of course you are. Give it up, guys! We’re already on to you. (laughter)
Lolly and Josh: No, seriously guys. We are calling select people every Sunday to share this with them and you guys are on our List of People We Love and Need to Tell in Person. It was totally random that it fell on April 1st. We are not joking.
Scott and Mickelle: Wait, so you’re saying that Josh is actually gay?

Lolly and Josh: Yes. We’re not messing with you. We swear. Josh is really gay. Like, really really gay. This is not a joke. 
Scott and Mickelle:
Lolly and Josh: We’re so sorry we didn’t realize the date! 
After confirming several more times that we were, in fact, not punking them, we ended up having a wonderful conversation with them, and they showed nothing but love and support, and have continued to do so until this day.
But yeah, that day? Was awesome. Pretty sure it should become a meme:

That awkward moment when you accidentally out yourself to some family on April 1st. 

(I wanted to make this into an actual meme, but I can’t right now because I’m currently being eaten by a polar bear. April Fools!)

All right guys. Punk someone you love. Or out yourself to someone if you’re gay. Either one should do the trick.


  1. Yeah, Scott and I both agree — neither of us will EVER forget that. It would have been even better if we would have skyped. Then you could have seen our faces. 🙂

    Thanks for making an otherwise "eh" holiday totally memorable. And impossible to top.

  2. When I was 17 I had to tell my parents I crunched the mini van… on April Fools Day. My mom had to stop our conversation to take a bathroom break and during that time she discovered that my brother had covered the bowl with saran wrap. Best April Fools day ever.

  3. Telling my family about my same sex attraction has always been a point of stress for me. Only a select few know and although I would like to share with everyone I just can't seem to do it. I appreciate this post b/c it helps me realize that I might be making this a lot harder than it has to be. My family is NOT good at communication. It makes it difficult to tell them anything remotely serious. Could I hire you guys to do it for me?? 😉 Just kidding.

    1. I can tell you what one of my friends did who had a hard time telling his family. He brought all of his siblings together and gave them letters. His parents already knew. But he gave them letters as they were heading out the door and told them to read them at home. It gave them a chance to process the information. I know for him it was positive. Just a thought.

  4. I've heard a brilliant suggestion for outing oneself on April Fools Day. You put "I'm actually straight" in your Facebook status, and then let the joke sink in.

  5. Why aren't you guys my neighbors?! I'm a mother of 7 (some by marriage, some biological, and one adopted). There is no shortage of fun/chaos in my neck of the woods. I find your blog inspiring, and although I have never officially commented before, I'm always happy to see a new post. You guys are great!

  6. This post made me feel good because my reaction was exactly the same as Scott and Mickelle's. I wish I had a picture of my face when I read that post. It would look exactly like "……….." is supposed to! lol
    Carry on, my friends, carry on. You do it so well. <3

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