Totally not dead.

Totally working on book stuff.

Totally need to stop saying totally.

So, here’s a random thing I was gonna post a long time ago:

Every night we read to the girls. Tessa loves this book about things being hard if you’re little. It’s a Sesame Street book. And ever since she was one year old, she has always gotten to a particular page in the book and cried out “Daddy!” as if she had just stumbled upon a picture of me.

And then she would kiss the picture. Like she was kissing her father.

Would you like to see the picture she thought was such a likeness that it filled her with glee every time she saw it?

Super-duper Snuffle-upagus. Holding a dainty flower. 
Placed in contrast to Teeny Tiny Twiddlebugs.

A remarkable likeness, yes? 
I’m trying to figure out how to not be insulted by being compared to a gigantic hair-covered beast with woman eyelashes holding a flower.
Haven’t figured out a way yet…