Oh hi!

Totally not dead.

Totally working on book stuff.

Totally need to stop saying totally.

So, here’s a random thing I was gonna post a long time ago:

Every night we read to the girls. Tessa loves this book about things being hard if you’re little. It’s a Sesame Street book. And ever since she was one year old, she has always gotten to a particular page in the book and cried out “Daddy!” as if she had just stumbled upon a picture of me.

And then she would kiss the picture. Like she was kissing her father.

Would you like to see the picture she thought was such a likeness that it filled her with glee every time she saw it?

Super-duper Snuffle-upagus. Holding a dainty flower. 
Placed in contrast to Teeny Tiny Twiddlebugs.

A remarkable likeness, yes? 
I’m trying to figure out how to not be insulted by being compared to a gigantic hair-covered beast with woman eyelashes holding a flower.
Haven’t figured out a way yet…


  1. Hilarious! My 17 month old daughter does the same thing. Whenever I read to her from this baby touch and feel book with lots of different animals, when we get to the page with the chimpanzee she lights up and shouts "DaDa!" It's SO hard not to laugh when she does it. My husband thinks it's slightly less cute. She does it every single time.

  2. From my perspective I'd say your little girl knows that she has an awesome Daddy. He is big & strong, safe, secure, warm & protective. He also know how to feel and to be gentle with even the "little" things. There is growth, brightness, hope, and beauty in your relationship. That's what I see.

  3. Don't feel too bad. When my son was around a year and a half old, he saw a picture of Captain Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean, and kept pointing and gleefully yelling "Mommy!" I started wondering if I needed to wear makeup more often. haha

  4. When I was wee, I'd call my whole family by Sesame Street names some days and Today's Special names other days. My dad was Snuffleupagus, probably because he had a brown fuzzy sweater.

  5. Josh, I feel your pain! Years ago when I just had 2…Ammon and Caleb, and I was still nursing Caleb, hubby and I took the boys to the county fair.

    We saw this huge steer with majestic horns and Ammon said, "Dat you Daddy." My husband's chest swelled!

    We kept walking and saw an enormous sow nursing about 15 piglets and you guessed…"Dat you Mama!"

    Ammon is 18 now and my family still tells that story. I will never live it down….

  6. Don't feel bad. I said, many times, that Snuffleupagus would be able to beat Claire McCaskill in MO this year. She won, of course, but she wouldn't have if we could have gotten Snuffy to run. hahahaha

  7. Oh that's precious and yes, hilarious! Snuffy was always my favorite! It pained me that he was on SS so rarely but my reaction would be much like your daughter's. No, not "Daddy!" but that obvious feeling of endearment.

  8. Since everyone has made the touching (& totally true) comparisons… I feel compelled for a little < evilgrin >

    2feet tall v 6feet tal = gigantic
    I mean, c'mon. If there was someone 3x your height (18 feet!) what word would YOU describe them as?

    Being a post-pubescent male you = hair-covered beast
    Just the way it is.
    I flat out DARE you to compare the phrase "smooth as a baby's bum" to any part of your anatomy. Sock baldness does not count. And since no one in this church is allowed to have hairy palms, I don't want any protestations of mitten & booty free palms & soles.

    woman eyelashes… I'm sorry to say, but men have the BEST eyelashes. Its horrifically unfair, and SOMETIMES when we're mad at you & you don't know why, its this. feel free to ask Mrs. Weed if its your luxurious eyelashes she's REALLY upset over the next time you're in the dog house. Mostly, because I think her response would make a great blog post, after you heal up. That, and because I'm miffed about boys having better eyelashes than girls.

    I'm totally biased. My kiddo thinks Im either Tigger or Lara Croft. (Have I mentioned how much I love that kid?).

    We can change Snuffy's name to He-Man Defender of the Universe, though, if it makes you feel better.

    – Grey!

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