Today’s been a long day.

First of all, thank you thank you thank you so much for the many, many, many messages of support that Lolly received over the course of today. She was incredibly touched by so many of the amazing words you all shared. Thank you for helping her feel better.

Unfortunately, mixed in that bag was another comment that was not very nice at all. I was in Portland, so I didn’t get home until about an hour ago, and when I did Lolly came downstairs and said she’d been crying for hours. She’s not an especially sensitive person like the last couple of days might make her sound–it’s just that we were apart from each other, and online vulnerability is so hard. It’s hard when someone you know passes harsh judgment. We have moved the conversation with that person over to private channels, and everything will be okay. But overall, Lolly and I have ended this weekend apart feeling very raw. And also very blessed. And also so, so, so incredibly supported by so many amazing people, who said things that we will cherish forever.

Thank you for that.

Along those lines, I am posting tonight about someone else who needs support. I believe that this blog has become a community, and I feel that when a member of our community is down on her luck, we should rally around and support her.

Now, I’m not at liberty to say what is going on, but our friend Bjorge Queen is going through a hard time. We’ve become friends, she and I, over the last ten months and to distract herself from the difficulties she is currently facing, she made and then sent me these:
Yes, this is the cutest apron you have ever seen.

The girls LOVED them. They literally squealed with delight, and love to cook in them.

She did not ask me to endorse them, and she did not make me pay for them. She took time to think of others during a period of difficulty. She did something truly nice for my girls.
So of course I told her I would take a picture of my girls in them and then send you guys over to her shop to maybe brighten her day. Here it is!!! So, if you can spare a moment, head over there and take a look and see if you can help BQ find a footing, and perhaps have something positive to look forward to tomorrow. And if you can’t afford something, but still want to help a Weeder out, I’m sure BQ would love some comments of support. I know how much we all need an encouraging word from time to time, as this weekend was evidence of for us. Let’s all give BQ some love…

Thanks Weeders. You are the greatest people. I mean it.