Aprons, to the rescue!


Today’s been a long day.

First of all, thank you thank you thank you so much for the many, many, many messages of support that Lolly received over the course of today. She was incredibly touched by so many of the amazing words you all shared. Thank you for helping her feel better.

Unfortunately, mixed in that bag was another comment that was not very nice at all. I was in Portland, so I didn’t get home until about an hour ago, and when I did Lolly came downstairs and said she’d been crying for hours. She’s not an especially sensitive person like the last couple of days might make her sound–it’s just that we were apart from each other, and online vulnerability is so hard. It’s hard when someone you know passes harsh judgment. We have moved the conversation with that person over to private channels, and everything will be okay. But overall, Lolly and I have ended this weekend apart feeling very raw. And also very blessed. And also so, so, so incredibly supported by so many amazing people, who said things that we will cherish forever.

Thank you for that.

Along those lines, I am posting tonight about someone else who needs support. I believe that this blog has become a community, and I feel that when a member of our community is down on her luck, we should rally around and support her.

Now, I’m not at liberty to say what is going on, but our friend Bjorge Queen is going through a hard time. We’ve become friends, she and I, over the last ten months and to distract herself from the difficulties she is currently facing, she made and then sent me these:
Yes, this is the cutest apron you have ever seen.

The girls LOVED them. They literally squealed with delight, and love to cook in them.

She did not ask me to endorse them, and she did not make me pay for them. She took time to think of others during a period of difficulty. She did something truly nice for my girls.
So of course I told her I would take a picture of my girls in them and then send you guys over to her shop to maybe brighten her day. Here it is!!! So, if you can spare a moment, head over there and take a look and see if you can help BQ find a footing, and perhaps have something positive to look forward to tomorrow. And if you can’t afford something, but still want to help a Weeder out, I’m sure BQ would love some comments of support. I know how much we all need an encouraging word from time to time, as this weekend was evidence of for us. Let’s all give BQ some love…

Thanks Weeders. You are the greatest people. I mean it. 


  1. The beautiful aprons on even more beautiful girls is a great way to start my day. And I want to say that I love you and Lolly and your family just from reading what you share. Your children are going to be just fine. They will be embarrassed about things you do you never even thought possible ("Mom, why did you talk to that lady? You don't even KNOW her.") but they will love and honor you for the love and honor you have for each other. And even the stuff they are embarrassed about they will forgive you for as soon as they get a little perspective. Trust me on this, since I have 4 grown (and one almost grown) children.

  2. Dear BQ,
    You have some awesome apron making skills. They are adorable! Wishing you the all the best. As TJ Detweiler might say, sometimes life just "whomps," and it's the pits when it does. I'm sorry things have been hard for you. Keep on keepin' on and know that we're praying for you and rooting you on.

  3. Also…is that an original pattern? If so…would you consider making a pattern for it to sell on etsy? I'd be all over that!!

  4. To Bjorge Queen: The aprons are beautiful, especially in the photo here. I am sorry I can't buy anything right now (I am living off student loans, currently). I am not sure how to leave you a comment, so I am leaving it here. Good luck in the valley, and may you have sunshine along your way to pierce the shadows and guide you along your way!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

    1. BQ, you have made comments that have pissed me off, made me think and made me burst out laughing. You keep it real and I love that. Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Love the aprons!!!
      And for some reason this is not letting me put my name down. Please help Lola.

    2. Ditto! You have been a real inspiration this last year. I love reading your comments, as they so often make me really stop and consider my own prejudices. You always get me thinking. Thank you!

      Whatever is going on, I wish you only the best and am sure you will pull through it well. You're nothing if not tenacious and strong! God bless.

    3. Ditto! You have been a real inspiration this year. You keep it real, you keep us examining our own unrecognized prejudices. Your comments always get me thinking, and often, laughing. I really want to personally (on a very public blog 😉 thank you for all you've done for me, personally 😉

      I wish you all the best with whatever you are facing. I am sure you will pull through it well! You are one tenacious, courageous, and determined woman! I admire you. Thanks for the help confronting my own.

    4. BQ you are awesome! I remember seeing your comments from the "beginning" and thinking to myself, "What a great person!" You were always respectful, courteous, curious and blunt in a way that wasn't offensive. Whatever you are going through right now, IT WILL GET BETTER!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Know that you are never alone, that God knows you, and he loves you-as do we. <3 Hang in there! 😀

  5. Awesome job on the aprons BQ! I dont know what your struggles are but have courage and never give up! Josh and Lolly are great examples of that! On another note- Josh and Lolly, I know I should probably have posted this on your last post but was afraid of it getting lost in the mass amounts of comments. I have never commented before but I feel I need to today. I also apologize I'm posting as anonymous, I am just not ready to put a face to my hard things but I will get there! You don't know me but over the last several months of me following your blog I feel like I have gotten to know you, infact if I refer to you when talking to someone else I want to call you my friends! Silly I know but it's true! I have connected to you through your honesty and bravery in sharing hard things. I have had some very hard things I have had to deal with on a different level and am just coming to terms with them now. You both have been an inspiration to me! I'm sure you get bombarded with hundreds even thousands of comments and emails but I have to mention I sent an email to you over a week ago looking for some courage. I understand again that your life is very busy and I also understand if you are too overwhelmed to give me much of a response, but because it was such a difficult thing to share I'm praying you might acknowledge my thoughts, it would be very much appreciated as I value your outlook. And then I start to feel like I am being selfish to even request a response as I know you are busy and have you own trials and struggles you are dealing with and trying to overcome. Even if you don't have the time I want to at least say… Thank you for having the courage to do something hard! You are an inspiration to many and even if you only help one person find their way you have been promised that your eternal joy will be full! Don't let the negative from people drag you down, keep following the promptings of the Spirit and you will help more people than you could ever imagine! Thank you again!

  6. Bjorge Queen – besides being a talented seamstress, you are a thinker, and I like that. Keep on doing what you're doing. You will be fine 🙂

  7. BQ, we don't know your stresses, but the good Lord does, we are praying for you during this difficult time and hoping that your stressings turn into blessings quickly!

    Love and prayers from a fellow Weeder…

  8. and for Josh and Lolly, I wasn't able to see the program, but I so admire you for following the path that the Lord has laid for you. It shows your trust in Him and in each other. Lolly girl – you are such an inspiration of love and devotion to your heavenly father, your husband, and your family. Nobody knows your relationship but YOU. My husband and I have had such a stressful year (he's been out of work for over a year) and sometimes the stress becomes overwhelming. I look at the two of you and your beautiful family, and my focus changes back to what it should be. Love and admiration for what I do have, and remembering to cast my cares upon HIM and not allowing myself to reel them back in and finding and looking for the lessons in every situation.

    Some may question your decision on the show (I did a bit, too) but you are letting your light SHINE and sending the message of God's love to a much broader audience… your reflection of God's love will touch many and give hope to some that didn't see that possibility. Shine on Weeds…shine on!

  9. Those are amazing. Hope tons of orders are coming your way. Also I'm happy to see you have not lost your humor despite the crappy circumstance, that shows a lot about you.

    1. So my husband was watching Star Trek the other day and the Borg Queen was in it and I was all like "Ahhh! that is what her picture and name are regarding!" I finally figured it out.

    1. Just because they are moderating, doesn't mean they're refusing comments from those that oppose their views. Sometimes those opposing views are just harder to take than others. 🙁

  10. I saw the comment that made Lolly cry this time, and I can honestly say it was shocking to me. Mainly because I knew the person who made the comment, and I knew you knew them as well, and well, it had me flabbergasted. I don't like to take sides, but I'm on your side. 😛 I just don't understand how anyone who knows you can possibly think the way he was thinking. Love you both.

  11. Just listened to the first part of your series on Mormon Stories. I am constantly inspired by the quality of your marriage. I used to be really jealous, as mine has been really difficult lately, but through counseling, and discussion things are getting better. I told my husband today, that instead of feeling jealous of your marriage, today I feel like it's withing the realm of possibility, I feel inspired. He loves reading the things you write to and we are learning about communication, trust and vulnerability from your example. Thank you for being willing to shine forth and share your light.

  12. BjorgeQueen, I don't know what to say since I don't know what you are dealing with, but I my wish for you:

    Someone who will listen to you, really listen. Validate your feelings, and be there for you while you find the answers inside yourself.

    Wish I could do more!

  13. Dear Lolly and Josh,
    I was led to your blog soon after your "Coming Out" post. I have read every word and every comment since that time and have been truly awed by your strength and courage. I have also watched all of your available public interviews and was especially moved by the most recent "Lds Voices of Hope" segment. I look forward to your upcoming cable segment. You have had the privilege to stand as strong witnesses of Christ and you have not been moved! You are an example for us all! In my own sphere I have experienced similar opportunities as you have had and I would like to include here some of the tender mercies that a loving Heavenly Father has seen fit to bestowed upon me as I too have shed the "not good tears" in my own journey. The first is the words of Elder Holland from the DVD attached to his recent book "For Times of Trouble" and can be found here…
    It is obvious that you are both already familiar with picking up "The Scripture Sword" and using it as an offensive weapon against the discouragement inherent in the path you have chosen to allow The Lord to bless you with. There are two passages of scripture that I love to re-read when "The road to discipleship leads me through my own personal Gethsemane." (Matt 10: 16-39 and Matt 5:11-16) Finally I have found another blog that I love to read entitled "Unblog My Soul"… There are many tremendous and uplifting posts on this blog but the one that I feel to include at this time is found here…. http://unblogmysoul.wordpress.com/2010/11/08/gethsemane/
    May the Lord's riches blessings and tenderest mercies continue to be poured out upon you both as you go forward in "Obedience to the Voice of The Lord" in your life! I believe with all of my heart that you and your beautiful girls will not only receive the "Peace that passeth understanding" but also the joy spoken of in Matthew. With love and Gratitude. May

  14. This post has probably affected me more than any other on this blog. It's my nature to put up walls against people who disagree with me or whose life or remarks make me feel shame or inadequacy. I'm insecure and I know it, and I battle these weaknesses daily.

    I haven't read all of BQ's comments, but I've read enough to put up walls toward her. I feel remorse about this, and I apologize to Bjorge Queen for being self-righteous and uncharitable.

    Thank you Josh for teaching me with your genuine loving example and sincere demonstration of kindness and compassion. There is no one I shoulnd't or can't love. Even if I am ever justified in being hurt or angry, it is always my choice to be so.

    Anyway, thanks.

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