Do you like how you read a FFAQ answer yesterday, and there’s a new poll today?  Sometimes life gets crazy, y’all. Crazy. Our book proposal needs to be done by Monday, so we’re getting that sucker done. And writing that sentence fills me with excitement and amazement and joyness.

Oh! Someone sent me some FFAQ graphics, and I’m going to use one. Hold on, let me find it…
This was made by Brianna Dickerson, who is awesome. Brianna, if you have something you want me to link to (blog, etsy shop, art gallery, photography page), let me know. (Got it: click on her name and visit Brianna’s photography site.)
Thanks Brianna. You rock.

All right. You know the drill. If you have a question, ask it in the comments. The earlier you ask the better. Questions that get chosen tend to be shortish, clear and specific. Also, many questions that are chosen have been asked several weeks, so if you saw a question you liked in the past, re-ask it. If you see a question you like, say “ditto” in its comments. The question with the most “dittoes” is the one I answer next Friday, and then the next Friday we do another poll, and so on and so forth, forever and ever into perpetuity.
Oh, and someone asked last week if the questions have to be about gay stuff. Truth is, while I love talking about that, I would seriously LOVE  to answer a question about other topics as well. So anything’s game. Anything at all.
Bring on the questions! 
(And have a good weekend, Weeders. Much love to you all.)