Utah Post–Take two–VALENTINE’S DAY

All right. I’m at the airport again. We’re going home. We’re exhausted. But we had a really, really good day.

Here’s a photo.

See? Exhausted.

So, our interview today went incredibly well. We absolutely loved the experience and can’t wait to share it when it is ready.

Plus, we got to eat at not one, not two, but three of our favorite Utah joints today. Right before the interview, we were grabbing lunch and we happened upon a Leatherby’s. (It’s an ice cream shop that has the best cheese sauce and fries and ice cream in the world) And just barely we ate at the Cafe Rio here in the airport. So, pork salad? CHECK.

But the thing that made Lolly’s dreams come true.

This? Au contraire…

 It was this. 

That suitcase is filled with: CAKE.

And that bag? Also filled with CAKE.

That’s right, even on a one-day trip to Utah, Lolly managed to get us to Schmidt’s Bakery cottage so she could get her favorite cake ever. Which happens to the cake that we had at our wedding. And we ate at Leatherby’s the day we found out we were pregnant with Anna. And we ate at Cafe Rio right when our post went viral. So today was this mishmash of bloggy stuff plus romantic stuff plus delicious food plus a really stressful interview that ended up going really, really well.

Have I mentioned that I love Lolly Shea Weed with all my heart? Because I do.

Happy V-day everyone.


  1. "Awww" is just what I was thinking! And look how skinny Josh looks! And my own "aww" is that I get such happy warm fuzzies when I see a Weed post in my inbox. Awww… 😀

  2. Josh–I have a question for your Q&A. I'm wondering if having all of your patients know so much about you has affected your practice, and how so? Did your (clients? patients?) have a strong reaction to your post? Also, did it cause anybody to start seeing you, or did it cause any of your clients to choose to seek help elsewhere?

  3. I wish you had come to see me where we have a Cafe Rio next to Leatherby's and a Schmidts across the street. I tried to boycott Leatherby's over prop 8 but I just couldn't. Caramel sauce.

    1. The sisterhood understands.

      The boys might get persnickety, but then again, if any stereotype can wax joygasmic over confectionary… It would be our boys.

      I think you're safe.


  4. Is it true that the airport Cafe Rio has breakfast burritos? You could have smuggled me one and then I wouldn't have been in the position of having to choose between meeting you and a breakfast burrito. It would have worked so well. Plus I've just been using food to smother my emotions a lot these days anyway. Oh well. Maybe next trip.

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