10 ways to know you have ADD

10. You open a browser window to look up a word for something you are writing. Three hours later you find yourself reading a Wikipedia article on Megan Follows after having watched every youtube interview she’s ever done. (True story.)

9. You arrive late to that very important weekly meeting. Every. Single. Week. No matter what.

8. You can count on one hand the number of times you have gotten a school assignment done early.

7. You didn’t finish counting the number of times before getting distracted by that really weird spot on your pinky-finger-nail and forgetting what you were doing.

6. You feel hornswoggled every time you look at a clock.

5. In your youth you traveled by bus to an orchestra concert in which you were to play a solo, and when you got there, realized you forgot to bring your violin.

4. A person hushes you in a meeting because you accidentally find yourself clicking your pen, bouncing your leg, tapping the table, or making some other unconscious disruption. You apologize. Three minutes later, the same person hushes you again. You are mortified, apologize again and stop. Before the meeting is over, you realize you started doing it again, but this time nobody pointed it out because nobody can believe it’s actually happening.

3. Journal entry: March 3rd, 1988 (dictated to mom). “My lunchbox disappeared at school! I don’t know what happened to it. It just went away. (This is the fourth lunchbox this year.)”

2. You couldn’t finish reading this list without checking your email, updating Facebook or looking up the word hornswoggle.

And finally


  1. Josh – ADD is like having – I don't know – brown eyes, or freckles or something. It looks different and feels slightly different on every person.

    I come from a family of people with a variety of attention issues.

    Everyone is different. And everyone manages in a different way, which leads to them being even more different. And yet – we are so alike.

    Just to say, that this list is what the Josh Weed ADD looks like… I think.

    Then again, I may be wrong. If so, I beg forgiveness from the many moms out there shopping for another lunch box for the 5th time this school year!

    1. I think you missed the humor in his post. I don't think it was mean literally – he was pointing some of the humorous sides of being easily distracted. I highly doubt the intention was to provide a clinical process for diagnosing ADD.

      Granted ADD and ADHD is serious and affects many people, including my husband, father and son. But still…take it easy and learn to laugh a little.

  2. Ummm… as it turns out I may have ADD. For some of the reasons listed above and a lot that I got distracted thinking about while trying to make it all the way through the list without getting up for more milk and in between calling my realtor and frantically looking up his name on my e-mail so I wouldn't sound like an idiot.

  3. I think I have the opposite of ADD, or at least something closer to OCD. It took me forever to catch on to "number 1" and then it just left me feeling uneasy knowing that the list isn't done. I feel like I have an almost overwhelming desire to fix it…but I won't. 🙂

    Thanks for yet another interesting list. Reading your blog is something I look forward to every day (but no pressure though). 🙂

    1. Yup! I've got a child who may well have ADD and another who is OCPD (the personality disorder, not as bad as real OCD) but you can imagine how they clash from time to time! Although I think they help each other cope too, by one being the reminder and the other helping things be "perfect."

    2. Okay, I don't know if you'll even see this, as it is now October.
      But I just discovered this blog-of-awesome, so that's my excuse.

      Anyway, a quick FYI: ADD and OCD are not mutually exclusive. I have both (at least, that's what my psychiatrist tells me 🙂 ). Basically, you get distracted by the way the hand towel is crooked while you wash your hands for the third time in five minutes. (Well, I'm not that bad anymore . . . !)

  4. ah, but this post is proof Josh can conquer the ADD!! The TTT appears to have made it up /actually on Tuesday/. !! Go Josh!! It makes my day every time I open my inbox and find a Weed post. But like a previous poster said, no pressure. 😀

  5. pa ha! You are my favorite! I love reading these 10 things about… Totally just made my day, though I probably should get back to studying for my test, while I'm at work, checking on facebook, reading my emails, and trying to balance a pen on my foot (yes, I'm really doing that right now while typing! I'm amazing!) 😉 But totally thank you for making my day! 😀

  6. As a mom of a 14 year old son that has ADD, I can definitely find humor in this! Not always so humorous IN the moment when you feel like you need a cattle prod to get homework turned in on time and their dancing-snapping-clapping antics are getting on your last nerve that day. Have to always find humor in life or you'll go nutty!

  7. My addition is something similar to what you already have. I go to look up a word and then before I get to that word I see something else that interests me…and I end up reading a good portion of the dictionary. The kicker is that I don't have ADD. Hhhhmm go figure 🙂

  8. Josh, have you decided to ban or restrict me from commenting on your blog? If so, can you PLEASE tell me so here in the comments? Nine out of ten times I submit a comment, it ends up not being published. I thought it might be a technical error, but I'm no longer sure.

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  10. I've been sitting here trying to remember what I was here for…TG Carolina reminded me it was ADD. I was told I was unfocused and not living to my potential. They didn't have slackers when I was a tot.

    Actually, I came looking for the horny pictures, but I think I'll stay for the fun Josh on tap.

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