Okay, first of all, Hello to you if you’re dropping in after watching Ricki Lake today. If you want to find my original coming out post, click here. I hear it’s a pretty good read. Otherwise, dig around for a while. You’re bound to find something interesting. Or not.

Second of all, guess what list I made?

Towleroad’s list of 50 most powerful coming outs of 2012!

This is the photo they used. Don’t we look candid and Nightlinesque? 

Let me explain something. I’m not accustomed to making lists. I proceed forward in life barely being noticed for much of anything. In high school, I wasn’t even close to winning a superlative. And if I had, it would have been “Most awkward plaid-wearing closeted gay who can’t hold a human conversation.”

So, to make a public, big deal list on a major blog is kinda cool.

I was up there with Anderson Cooper. And of course, fellow gay Mormon Benji Schwimmer who was the winner of So You Think You Can Dance a while back. So, I was in good company is what I’m saying.

Speaking of which, I met Benji a few months ago at Circling the Wagons. I even have photographic proof.

We were at an Indian restaurant with a bunch of people. I got Tikka Masala.

The funny thing about this picture is that we met at the conference itself and had a really good conversation. (He’s an awesome guy.) Then, after dinner, he came up and was like “listen, I’m in Washington for work a ton, so we should definitely get together and grab lunch sometime…” and I, genius that I am, didn’t recognize him. Why? Because he had changed clothes. It was like a magic trick! And apparently I don’t notice patterns very well, like the repetition of the exact same face on the same day you have met said face.
Anyway, I was like “Uh huh…” but inside I was all awe-struck and confused and like “who aaaaare you?” and he looked at me like I was insane. And then we took this picture, and I realized it was Benji as it was being taken. Because someone said his name. 
See? I’m very intelligent. 
In closing, I was going to do a check-in. But I think we will do one Saturday and then have that be the official check-in day forever more. Or until my ADD ruins things. Whichever comes first.
So let it be done! 
Also, get ready to post questions tomorrow. I’ll post a FFAQ poll, so get ready to either ask a question or get ready to ditto on that post. (I’ll do it before work, so it’ll be up early.)
G’bye friends.