I have 15 minutes

to write this post.
That’s the time limit I’m giving myself so that I write something. See, I’m doing that thing where I don’t post in a while and I start putting pressure on myself to not post anything unless it’s really good because it’s been so long, and instead of that garbage I’ve said to myself: “Self. You have 15 minutes to write some thoughts down. And then you are going to press ‘publish post’ no matter what you have written down so that you can calm down and realize that publishing posts is not as big a deal as you are making it out to be, even if they’re short and sweet. People that are true fans of The Weed would rather get short and sweet than nothing at all.” (By “People that are true fans of The Weed” I refer to several of my blood relatives. And myself three months from now when I’m really bored one afternoon. Unless you are a true fan. Then I mean you, too. Glad we cleared that up.)
In closing, here are three random tidbits.
1. We took our Christmas tree down today. It was sad because my holiday was really great this year.
2. Instead of real resolutions, I’m doing this thing where I spend 15 minutes every day doing the things I need to do (there may or may not be a connection to this tidbit and the title of this post) and it actually has this really cool effect where I end up actually working on big projects in small, manageable chunks instead of putting them off endlessly. I’m kind of loving it.
3. Here. Here’s one of my favorite songs at the moment. 
See? All done, with time to spare. That wasn’t so hard now, was it? 
I think I’ll post again tomorrow.


  1. For real …. blog posts really do take so much time to get posted don't they?! I just barely did a post about Christmas morning today!!!! But that's also the beauty of the blog – we can. 😉 I put pressure on myself too when really, it probably doesn't matter too terribly much to anyone else. I have enjoyed reading your blog – and I admire your strength and courage so much.

    Your family is darling!!! Happy New Year!

    1. No, seriously, Flylady is the best. What I learned about how to have routines from her has made my continuing therapy (and life) possible

  2. Yay!!!

    Wait. That didn't sound enthusiastic enough. English is completely & totally failing me! When my voyeuristic windows into the lives & minds of people who improve my own life and mind are shut, when zey open… we need a MUCH better word than "Yay".


    You're ALIVE!!! Call off the dogs! He's been found! Get the billy on! Throw a log on the fire! Get the man inside!!!

    (Don'tcha love how I assume that its cold in the uncharted wastes of the Internet? Where you've obviously been drifting. Since you weren't HERE. Chest deep in snow. For sure.)

    Besides. If you were perfect
    a) you'd be really annoying
    b) we'd have to study you instead of enjoying you

    – Grey!
    (aka not related by blood or marriage)

    1. Bwaaahaha!

      Yep. They're thoughts, promise. That's what's rolling through my noggin the vast majority of the time. People often think I'm shy &/or reserved when they first meet me IRL. Couldn't be further from the truth. Which is that I'm just trying to maintain a little civil decorum.

      My friends generally fall into 2 categories: those who have phenomenal cosmic powers (of ignore-pretend that didn't just happen-ignore-count to ten), and masochists.


  3. This is nearly my all-time favorite blog post ever from any blog. So there!

    ps I'm working on a novel once a week for anywhere between 45 – 90 minutes. Have faith in those small chunks, guy.

  4. Wait, even people who are really awesome can't do everything easily? 😉 Not that you've been hiding your human side.. Actually the 15 min thing is a good idea. Maybe I'll steal it.

  5. I really love this post Josh, seriously…. I love any and all your posts, actually. This is a great idea, and I could learn from you since I am now a 'blogger' too. Man, we have been working on really long post for literally weeks… Maybe we're in over our heads??? Anyway, we're getting close so I think we'll keep on muddling through as we have about five more in the works, and I think we think there are actually people out there who are interested in our story. crazy…. 😉 Interesting though, I literally worked for a solid, total day, chained to my chair, and typing my little heart out to produce what I thought was a 'w o n d e r f u l' post, only to find that it had limited pageviews and next to no comments. Guess we shouldn't let our self esteem get all wrapped in our writing, huh? lol :). Love you Weeds – God Bless You, and those darling girls.

  6. I actually stopped reading your blog there for a couple of months cause you hardly update, so a few short posts is better than none. You don't have to post for anyone though and you certainly don't have to have fancy posts.

  7. I love when you add multimedia content to your posts like the bear spray and this Radiohead video (love them) with creepy cool Beatrix Potter/Arnold Lobel creatures a-go-go. Lol. Thank you thank you!

  8. 15 minutes a day is how I got my masters thesis done (plus a little more on special occasions). Also, that was one of the weirdest music videos I've ever seen.

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