Engrish Spam!!! + Check-in + Happy Thanksgiving!

So, I’m not sure why this started, but recently I’ve begun to get spammed trillions of times daily. The spam messages are… ridiculous.

They’re like this:

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It’s like they are written in very, very poor Pakistani and then placed into a translator, and then copied and pasted verbatim into my comment box. And then the link is always to something really unrelated and innocuous sounding like air conditioning tips.


Here are some actual samples:

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Yes. I can totally see your sincerity, spammer. I bet you’re so excited to see I’ve just updated!

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Whaaa? I’m not sure I have any idea what you just said. Like, seriously, I couldn’t even finish reading the sentence it was so baffling. In other news, what the crap is a Pineal Gland Activation Course, and why on earth would I need it?

I love spam. It makes me laugh.
All right boys and girls, it’s that time again. Time to do a Wednesday Check-in!
So, for the uninitiated, here’s how this works. In order to do a check in, you must not use the words “good” or “fine.” You check in physically, emotionally and spiritually. Then you set a small attainable goal or thing you want to work on, and report on the work you did since the last check-in. I am going to try to be more consistent on Wednesdays so that we can have more personal accountability. Also, caveat: this is just for entertainment and is not intended to be a replacement to or supplementation of work with an actual mental health professional. It’s just for fun, y’all.
Here goes:
Physically: I’m feeling sore because I worked out pretty hard yesterday, and hit muscle groups I hadn’t hit in a while. So, the soreness is a good thing. I also feel really out of control with my eating. And it’s the day before Thanksgiving. So, things are likely to get worse before they get better. Hopefully I don’t achieve Jabba the Hut status in the next few days. Overall, I feel like now that I’m doing better at getting to the gym, my eating will fall into place pretty soon too. 
Emotionally: I feel several things. Excited about working on my memoir. Really, really sad about the fact that I am not visiting my parents for Thanksgiving because of my mom’s illness. Really thankful for a great many blessings, most especially Lolly and my three girls who fill me with joy every single day. And thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with great friends.
Spiritually: I feel in tune, and that God has been directing my life very closely. Also, really grateful for things like: forgiveness, peace, the Atonement, personal revelation, and priesthood blessings.
Achievable goal: I am going to work on the memoir for 1 hour a day, at least.
Last time’s goal: Is it bad that I can’t even remember my goal last time? Probably. I’ll do better at being more consistent on Wednesdays. Some Wednesdays might just be like “All right here’s my quick check-in. GO.” Don’t hate.
So, yeah. Tomorrow’s an important day. I hope everyone is feeling ready for a good holiday with family, friends, and memory-building. 
Feel free to share your own check-in. I can’t tell you how much it helps me to see how you are all doing, and get a window into your own challenges and triumphs. I have the best blog-readers in the universe. I mean it.
Happy Thanksgiving, guys.


  1. Ok, my first check in.

    Physically: Tired and sore. I had to stay up until 11, then wake up at 5:45 to register for classes at BYU-I. And there's that whole sleep debt thing.

    Emotionally: Very mixed bag. I'm happy I got my classes registered for, but unsure if I need to drop some, and if so which ones, etc. On the other hand, my friend used some of my writing anonymously and people liked it. On the other other hand (foot, perhaps?) I haven't been doing as well as I would like with my personal "thorn in the flesh".

    Spiritually: My personal thorn in the flesh is related to this. Like I said, not doing as well as I'd like, but I finally got to a point when I'm determined to make a deep change. It's hard and kind of scary, but I'm plodding along. Also, I started listening to church music all the time again, and I notice a difference.

  2. FYI – I don't like these because they make me cry. But I think it's good for me because I'm an expert at avoidance. 😉

    Physically – Decent. I've missed my vitamins the past few days and I can feel my body struggling to keep up. I remembered them today, so that is helping. 🙂

    Emotionally – Absent. That's how I roll. It's not great, but it keeps me safe so to speak. When I open up emotionally, it hurts. I hate that.

    Spiritually – Longing. I feel the best spiritually when I am helping and guiding others. I'm bad at helping and guiding myself. I want to feel the Spirit's influence in my life, and that kind of goes hand in hand with opening up emotionally, and since that is turned off, it makes it hard.

    Sheesh! I'm a mess on the inside! I sure put on a good front though! 😉 Overall, I'm staying busy to get by. Wondering why I did this. Oh well. :/

  3. Physically: Sluggish.
    Emotionally: I keep thinking I've got a handle on things and then suddenly, say, burst into tears or just have a good old-fashioned yelling meltdown in front of my kids. Holidays bring out a lot of the loneliness and isolation I am usually able to sweep nicely under the rug. It's brutal. But there are also so many people showing kindness to me on a daily basis.
    Spiritually: Struggling to re-orient away from self-pity and toward gratitude. Seeking to embrace fully the moments of grace that come my way, and become a better source of kindness to others.

  4. Physically – Pregnant, have a cold, Exhausted, pretty much lousy sums it up.
    Emotionally – pretty well. I wasn't really excited about my B in my counseling class, but it could have been worse and considering how much I have been tackling this semester, I am good with it. My physical exhaustion is seeping in to my emotional well being. Otherwise I am good, but all I see is tired.
    Spiritually – need to get back on this boat. Its sad what gets pushed aside when things get busy. I think I need a good solid recharge all the way around, but I don't see that happening any time soon.

  5. This seems like a great idea, I like it.

    Physically: abdomen is really sore. I've been trying to lose the little pooch I acquired since having my son 7 months ago and am at it full force. And it hurts. Otherwise, I'm physically fine except for the cold thing I've had for a week.

    Emotionally: so good. Post-partum depression seems to hit hard some days but today is a really, really good day.

    Spiritually: so-so. I could improve on trying harder to be spiritual. But I've leaned on God to help me get over the past and that is going great!

    Goal: read spiritually uplifting material for at least 30 minutes a day

    Oh, and this is my daughter's google account, not mine. In case you're wondering about the "bug" thing.

  6. Spam spam spam spam spam…love it!

    Check in:

    Physical – I am officially old – I'm now on meds for high cholesterol. Crap. I've known it for years but ignored it. In every other way I'm in fairly good health – but since I refuse to give up high fat dairy stuff (it's divine!), among other foods – I guess I'll try the RX route. Bleah.

    Emotional – Excited for the holidays – decorating early this year so the house is festive in time for a book club party here on the 5th – I love everything about the holidays & feel bad for people who have a hard time (like my hubby).

    Spiritual – Coasting – not too horrible, not too stellar. I suppose I'm moving in a general 'upward' direction, so I'm on the right track.

    Last Goal – FAIL – I was going to spend 1 hr a day transcribing the notes/highlights in my paper scriptures to my digital scriptures. That lasted for two days & then…nothing. Oh well – at least I did it twice.

    New Goal – work on my breadmaking skills – I have a killer new recipe my sister gave me & so far it seems to be fail proof. I've never done well w/ homemade bread but I'm determined to make several batches of dough to use for bread, cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, dinner rolles, etc. I've tried it twice & so far so good…..

  7. Physically: My eyes hurt, and I want to punch them. I've had styes for two weeks now… bleh.
    Emotionally: A little stressed with schoolwork, but excited for the holidays and to spend time with family.
    Spiritually: Decent. I feel purposeful lately, and I've had deeper conversations lately.

  8. Okee day, my first check in…

    Physically: Tired and I feel as though I have been hit by a truck. I am hoping that one day I will start to feel better because this just totally bites!

    Emotionally: Like a polar bear LOL I am fine one minute and a raging crazy woman the next. I need to find a way to get my kiddos to be friends…. Yeah I know, it doesn't happen until they are grown-up. But man it would be pleasant!

    Spiritually: I feel wonderful! If everything else was just as easy. I love to serve others and that just makes me feel so good. I love to feel the spirit around me when I am choosing the right! I love to hear the little kiddos in primary talk about Jesus. I know I am right where I need to be.

    My goal: To get through this week without pulling out my hair =)

  9. I was waiting for you to repeat the check-in! I just love it so much.

    Physically- Not bad at all. I think my body has recovered from pregnancy completely by now and I have to say it was about time. Four months have passed and I feel well enough to work part time as well.

    Emotionally- I feel so blessed. So blessed! Our marriage is doing really good and emotional rollercoaster’s are very rare now. I came to the point where I trust my husband completely again and I feel the same from him. I’m not afraid of ‘what if’ –s anymore and I think I might be emotionally ready to take the knowledge of my husband’s SSA outside of my family as well. But at the same time I find it hard to talk about my marriage to other people, although they share theirs with me without any problem. When I start explaining how good and happy we actually are, people don’t appreciate it for some reason. Even my best friends. I just smile and say that it takes a gay man to make a woman happy.

    Spiritually- I’m realizing that tuning in with my Father is not hard anymore and that I can just close my eyes and I’m there. I guess it’s never been that easy and what I’m really happy about is the fact that I can see more than just one step ahead of me and that gives me a lot of comfort.

    Goal- try to be a little better, that's all.

    1. Hi, Mrs. FG! i've been reading some of your husband's posts on his blog and on NL. You are one strong woman. I hope you know that your needs are as important and equal to our husband'. AS women, we often forget that.

  10. Those spams made me chortle. Especially the Pineal gland one.


    Physical: Very glad to be coming out of the cold/sore throat that then descended into my chest. Looking forward to being able to sing again, especially with the festive season coming up and my choir practising such beautiful pieces (including this one if you're interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwsIo83RWEQ )

    Emotional: Feeling a little put upon after some mild altercations with colleagues and acquaintances. Confrontation stresses me out and makes me feel very low but it will pass.

    Spiritual: Four times a week I have 12 of the finest young people you could ever hope to meet come to my home before sunrise to learn the gospel under my (and the Holy Spirit's) tutelage. My spirituality is pretty good at the moment. I am very blessed. My home is also full of the sound of Christmas carols and will be throughout advent. I love to ponder my Saviour's humble birth at this time of year.

    1. Oh yeah, goal. I need to learn 85 lines of text from Virgil's Aeneid to show my recalcitrant 15-year-old that it can be done and get his Latin teacher off his back. Joy.

  11. Physical: B12 shots seem to be working–no more forgetting my own name 5 minutes after someone reminds me what it is or falling down because I am too tired to overcome my naturally clumsy nature. Hopefully this means my body will start working normally again soon and I will be able to get pregnant!

    Emotional: Stressed! Thanksgiving is almost here. Do I need to say more? Some poor checker at the store asked me if I was excited for the holiday tomorrow. I struggled to reign myself in and not give him the death stare. When will men and boys realize that Thanksgiving is NOT a holiday for women?!! Yes, yes I can already hear the feminists screaming at me–I am a feminst too, but apparently not a dedicated enough one?
    I am also very worried about my oldest son who is 7 and has ADHD, like his father, and is struggling so much right now to understand how to relate to the world and is just so bewildered when the rest of the world goes–"What the crap man?" at something he does because he just doesn't see the connection between his behavior and how he is treated by others.
    Also worried that the economy is going to get worse again before it gets better and wondering how we are going to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads. You know, standard stuff that everyone else is stressed about right now too. Stress pretty much defines me right now.

    Spiritually: This is actually the only area where I feel good about myself right now. Now, don't get me wrong–we never make it to church and my testimony (LDS) still has some huge holes in it that I don't know if I will ever get back like—was Joseph Smith really a prophet? Different day=different answer. However, I feel that God is telling me it is okay that I am at this place in my life right now and that He will be waiting for me when I am ready, so I am good with that and grateful for this small tender mercy.

  12. Check in:

    Physical: my head feels like an ever expanding balloon and not a pin in sight. Allegra just isn't cutting it. Other than that I am doing well for my 'agedness' (56)

    Emotional: some wonderment as to the lack of anxiety I feel over flying to the Seattle area to visit my adult children and a grand baby. I was pretty sure I wouldn't go up there for many years as I turn into a raging 'codependent' (detest the word but dang, it fits) and let my people treat me poorly (really the word would be 'crappily'). Real 'crappily'. This leads into the next area of:

    Spiritually: I think that this is a Heavenly Father 'thing'. Two years ago, the idea of going up there made me extremely distraught. Today. Nothing. Nada. So I am grateful for that. Don't know what has changed except maybe I understand myself a little more. I hope He shows me the way to 'be' up there as I don't intend on being a verbal 'volunteer door mat' anymore.

    Goal: enjoy the weekend in a relaxed way.

  13. I've been secretly blog-stalking you long enough that I feel I should probably say something on a post. May as well do a check-in. 🙂

    Physically: A bit sore, but better than a couple of days ago. My back has been acting up from an old car accident injury, but I saw a chiropractor and have been turning my back into an icicle every few hours during the day, and that seems to be helping.

    Emotionally: Basically, I'm feeling like a woman. In short: Super stressed, blissfully happy, exhausted, excited, worried, thankful, and apprehensive, to name a few. I'm very stressed because of some sudden turns my finances have taken, and I'm trying to figure out how to afford everything that's coming up in the next month or two, including Christmas, a road trip for a family member's wedding, and my husband and I are hoping to help pay for some of the things my brother needs before he goes on a mission in two months. I'm also stressed because I've been working hard to get my home clean (which is NOT one of my talents yet), but progress has been a lot slower than I'd hoped, and a messy home stresses me out. I'm happy because I have two amazing little boys, ages 1 and 2, who bring me lots of joy. I'm excited for the holidays, but worried that I won't be able to get everything done that I need to, and ironically, worried that I'll be as stressed as I was last year and not get to truly enjoy the holidays. (Yeah, stressing about the possibility of being stressed….not very helpful.)

    Spiritually: I feel….strained. I know the Lord is still there, watching over me and my family, but I'm at one of those points where it's hard to see exactly what he has in mind right now. Don't get me wrong, I *know* He has something in mind, and I trust Him….I've just had a rough week, and am finding it hard to really connect with Him right now.

    Achievable goal: Spend at least 45 minutes cleaning my home tonight, and spend enough time to at least maintain that level of cleanliness in my home each night for the next week.

    Thank you for all your blog posts, Josh. It's crazy, but just spending a few minutes reading about the different struggles and accomplishments and daily life of you and your family helps me to take a step back from my own life, gain some perspective, and get the strength to dive back in again. I truly look forward to every post.

  14. Physically: In an awesome place, now I just need my body to agree and to stop feeling tired so I can enjoy the city, natural beauty, and what is left of my youth.

    Emotionally: Been having a great time on an emotional roller coaster, wondering when I'll feel more stable and less likely to snap at anything that moves. Hope and patience have been helpful… bah humbug, I hate patience!

    Spiritually: Not where I should be, trying to get back, but not sure how long that is going to take.

    Last Goal: Complete and dismal failure, won't even get into it.

    New and Achievable Goal: Not attack anyone, physically or emotional, and enjoy Thanksgiving, even if it is far from home.

  15. Physically: I feel about my age, which is rare. But, the season is up and coming that my health goes to pot. So, there's some tension that I'm feeling.

    Emotionally: I feel 40 years old amongst 10 year olds. It's not that they're immature or that I'm mature, it's that there's a gulf of experience that separates us. So, really lonely. But, I think there's some hope to be had. Because I'm not the only person that's gone through hard times or going through hard times now. So, 40, but getting younger.

    Spiritually: Like a three year old JUST discovering that there's a world out there. Over and over again. It bothers me I have to learn lessons over and over again. But one day, I'll internalize it enough to be consistent.

    Reasonable goal: Be positive more often than not. Even if the difference is one percent.

  16. Neurotic One here:

    Physically- grateful to have much more right with my body than wrong. Recently lost 20 pounds (in a horrible way) and I'm grateful to be maintaining a healthier weight.

    Emotionally– mostly just super grateful all the time. Feleling more compassion and empathy more than ever. And I'm not crying every day 🙂

    Spiritually- great, I think. I have been trying some different kinds of prayer that seem to be working. I feel like I've been feeling God in my life in a moment-by-moment sort of way.

  17. I really don't want to rain on anyone's parade, but I feel compelled to point out that "Pakistani" is not a language. Urdu is the most commonly spoken language in Pakistan. Just so you can say you learned something new today. 🙂

  18. First check-in. I should be going to bed but here I am reading your blog. So I will keep it short.

    Physically – Feeling really healthy overall, although tired at the moment. Have been trying to cook healthy meals this week, although met with resistance from DH and DS. DS is only a baby though, he is still reluctant to eat foods whether they are healthy or loaded with sugar. Thinking of cracking out my Zumba Wii game for exercise tomorrow.

    Emotionally – Recovered from last night when DH actually refused to eat the dinner I had made, including my mother's traditional homecooked meat pie, and made himself instant noodles. I find it's the little things that get to you, when you are at home all day with a little DS. I had a minor cry-fest this morning, let it out, got over it. Hiding from my emotions just doesn't work, so it was probably for the better.

    Spiritually – I am trying to listen to the three types of promptings in my head – my own common sense, my sense of what DH wants me to do, and the voice of inspiration/Holy Ghost. This might seem confusing, or crazy. Basically, I feel confident overall in my spiritual life, but I am trying to do "what I know to be right," whether that be by common sense, my husband's advice, or divine inspiration. Because lately they are all telling me the same thing, in their own way, and I need to follow the "do it now" principle in all those areas. I have a major case of AP (analysis paralysis) sometimes.

    Goal – Be in bed at 10:30 pm each night, or as soon as possible afterwards if DS needs my attention at that time. In theory this has been my "bedtime" since I got married five years ago, but in practice I have a hard time giving up my inner night owl, even when I know I need sleep.

  19. Checking in:
    Physically I am feeling full because I had Thanksgiving #1 tonight with the in-laws and ate too much. Also my eyeballs are doing some sort of weird spazzing out thing that I can't fully explain nor understand. I think it's a combination of having been wearing my contacts too long and spending too much time staring at computer screens.
    *I just WebMd'd "My eyes are spazzing out" and have been informed that I either have something called 'eye allergies', or 'slideshow diabetes'. Perfect! And just in time for the holidays!

    Emotionally. Well I was doing better before I discovered I have eye-diabetes…that's a bit of a let down. Besides that, this has been a week full of amazing emotional highs and lows. Highs: Meeting you guys, getting a Weed shout-out, and then getting more hits on my blog in one weekend than the entire two and a half years that I've had the blog. 😀
    Lows: Being stressed over school, and in particular one specific nightmare of a teacher; fighting with my mom over this Tri-baby shower we threw tonight for my 3 preggo sisters, and having an emotional meltdown over said baby-shower earlier today where I just sat on the floor of the office and cried like a little kid because I ran out of printer paper when I was trying to print some baby mad-libs. haha. Sad.

    Spiritually, again some good and some bad. Good, the conference last weekend. Huge boost of confidence for the church as a whole. Downsides, realizing that both me and Steven's recommends are expired and my mom planned a family temple trip this weekend.
    Awkward, and slightly shaming realizing how long it's been since we've been to the temple.

    Goal of the week: To make it through the next three days with my family without having another fight with my mom.

    …This may not be an attainable goal, cuz she has it coming. >:)

  20. Wooo! My first check-in! Uh, ok here goes–

    Achey- starting to feel my age.. or maybe it's the slip-fall I had a week and a half ago- I have a bruise like nobody's business on my tush!… and I think I strained my shoulder when I landed. But beyond the aches and pains of life, everything is working like it should, and I'm grateful.

    Great, and not. Had a rough patch a week and a half ago- I said the L-word to BF, and he used a different L-word.. and then needed time to figure out exaclty how he felt.. and while that's been resolved, I haven't seen him in a week and a half (Yay, we're gonna go do some running and errands Friday :D, it's not as I'd like (ring/date, anyone?), but it's better than I feared ("just friends" is better than "I don't want contact"). Poll- He wants to be "just friends" for now.. Do I play hard-to-get, be a little less available?.. or do I continue as before, allow him to initiate but enjoy every opportunity to spend time with him?

    This is an area I've struggled with for a couple years. My testimony (Yes, I'm LDS) isn't what it used to be. I don't know how to explain it- I still believe it's true, but my confidence in the Plan just isn't quite as rock-solid as it was once upon a time. Not quite sure what to do about that. (I know- Sunday School answers)

    Start reading my scriptures.. maybe read w/BF on the phone at night?

  21. Checkinizzle;

    My back is doing a lot better these days, staying active and going to the chiropractor once a week are really helping. Oh and stretching has helped a ton too especially after work outs when my back wants to cramp up. I have been doing well with eating, working out, and getting quality sleep which does wonders for my mental illnesses (OCD, Depression, and Anxiety) and overall well being.

    Doing really well, now that I got over the sucky pre-period week were I am extremely irritable and crazier than usual. I was really worried about the trip I am currently on to visit my husbands family in Rexburg. A certain person in his family (that I was in the car with for 18 hours) can be very over whelming and unreasonable at times. Not just to me but to everyone around him, although due to my illnesses it makes me super in tune and aware of other people's anxieties and frustrations which is not very fun. It has gone better than I thought possible so far which is a huge relief and makes me super happy. Anyways I mentioned before on another check up i was/or did up one of my medications. It is working wonders and I think I have finally find the right concoction for my craziness. Yay!

    Better than I have been in years, many years. It is amazing how much not being on the right medications/amounts affects every aspect of your life. I have been trying to figure out a few things spiritually and were I stand as a individual on the matter. I am still in the process but have come a long way and made a wonderful friend who has taught me a great deal along the way. A friend who I am eternally grateful for. I am finally at peace (although those who saw two of my comments to BQ in a former post would think otherwise, and rightfully so). I have resolved the things I was feeling in those comments and now look forward to reading the very valid and important point of view BQ offers. I say that in all sincerity. I am going to go to that feed next and expound more upon what I just said in regards my comments to her aka a apology and an explanation 😀

    Anyways overall things are going really well, new job is going great after a couple weeks of adjusting.

    Keep learning and growing from the things people post on here.
    Keep up on my health and being proactive about it.
    Start reading my scriptures more regularly.

  22. Physically: exhausted. Not sleeping well due to all the emotional stuff.

    Emotional: I feel like someone has taken a baseball bat and beaten me with it emotionally. Fertility treatments have ended. After 2.5 weeks of daily injections nothing was happening but anaphylaxis reactions 🙁 We could try another med but chances are high that I would react the same with with something else. Heart is broken as I wanted one last pregnancy. My 7 year old has been having rages (which is not normal behaviour) and his doctors are considering Aspergers. And to add to everything else just found out my biological mother was diagnosed with lung cancer today… I don't have any real contact with her but after just having my mom die a month ago losing my last parent is very real. UGH!

    Spiritually: need to get back to church. I am at a place in my life that I need strength and am not getting it anywhere else.

    Goals: keep looking for a new job and to get ready for my craft sale.

  23. Physically: I ate a lot of pie today, but I feel ok and that is shocking.

    Emotionally: I just sat through Breaking Dawn Part Two with some friends and then had an awkward discussion about all the awkward projects I am working on, so I feel like things are hillariously awkward in my brain at the moment.

    Spiritually: Well, I just watched breaking dawn part two. I think this has eternally negative consequences. Earlier in the week I felt spiritually great, Now I just feel like everything is hillarious, though I dont feel spiritually horrible either, I just couldn't read something spiritual and take it seriously.

    Goals: Go to the temple in the next week, and also work at least once on my special project I am working on. I feel I should post a link to my blog after reading all that spam, but I will spare you.

  24. man alive i wish you were my therapist. amen.
    but i will say that i am doing this 'check in' thing with my husband now and its really awesome.

    physically: i feel horrible. i hate my body. i look atrocious. i never shower or take any pride in my appearance. i am getting fatter by the second. i don't feel like i am going in a positive direction physically.

    spiritually: i feel hopeful. hopeful that God can and will forgive me. hopeful that church will rejuvinate me for the coming week. i feel distant from God currently, but i feel like he is very aware of me. i know the distance is my own doing.

    emotionally: i feel neglected and irritated. i wish i had better relationships with certain people. but… in the same breath, i feel pretty good about some of my other relationships.

    goals: make the christmas advent calendar and a birthday goal list before december 1st.

  25. Physically: My body is annoying me at the moment. But the problem will fade. It always does. Just wish it wasn't a problem. Next to that i'm healthy so no major complaints.

    Emotionally: I don't have time to think about my emotions right now. I start. I remember just how much I miss the man I love, that I can't do this anymore and I need answers to what's happening, and then think about random number problems and vocab words. I think about how small my circle of friends have gotten or that I feel alone in many ways and then remember that I insanely decided to apply for the marriage and family therapy program and need to get the app in by dec 1st and I'm taking the GRE on the day its due. I really enjoyed seeing family though. I was touched that my little brother wanted relationship advice….that's a new milestone for us. Generally I'm scattered, stressed, lonely, happy, crazy, irritable, busy, wanting, and impossibly hopeful about it all. I believe people call that a mess.

    Spiritually: Comforted would be the right word. There is a list of things I just want to throw in the towel and give up on. I'm reaching the end of my ropes and yet there always seems to be one more step, one more foot in front of the other. I feel like a crazy person, constantly going against the grain of the norm because God wants me to go that way. Meeting some strange and unexpected scenarios due to that. And still God says, nope keep going, this is right. I think He's a little crazy personally. He's aware of this. So I keep on going into this weird and crazy turn in my life, trusting that His vision is a whole lot clearer than mine and that his comfort isn't meaningless.

    Goal: study my brains out for the GRE, get my app in, and nap like I was in a coma come Sunday.

  26. Check in:

    Physically: Feeling so much better since my celiac diagnosis a little over a week ago. I miss gluten and being able to eat without reading labels, planning ahead, or just ordering a pizza, but the big picture, it is a blessing to finally know. I feel better already, the new medication is helping, and I'm on track to feeling better!

    Emotionally: see above! but also drained, its been a very hard year trying to figure out what was wrong with my guts, and my hubby has been unemployed since March – so I'm carrying too much sress. I tend to keep that stuff inside, so most people don't realize how stressed I really am. not sure if that's a pro or a con… it is what it is.

    Spiritually: reconnecting again and trying to depend more on the Lord. I really do know that everything will be OK – maybe not my version of OK – but He will provide.

    Goal: Really casting my cares upon Him and TRULY casting them and not reeling them back in again! I have a tendancy to give them to Him and then take them back!

  27. I'm not actually checking in. I'm sharing one of the greatest pieces of blog comment spam I've ever received.

    From my *restaurant review* blog: "Excellent submit, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of this sector do not realize this. You should proceed your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a great readers’ base already!|What’s Taking place i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It absolutely helpful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & aid other customers like its helped me. Great job."

    I have aided someone out. Loads. *sniffs* I totally get why you're a therapist now.

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