A wonderful weekend with my girls

We had a really good weekend with the girls. Here is a picture I took tonight:

Sorry it’s slightly blurry. Have I mentioned I suck at photography?

This is them right before bed. They were all very excited by…
the fact that Tessa’s skeleton pajamas glow in the dark. And really, it’s pretty cute to see. (They tried to convince me to take a picture of the glow-in-the-dark pajamas glowing in the dark, but I had to convince them that that wouldn’t work because of pesky laws of light and darkness and cameras and stuff.)

This is a snapshot of my life–the girls, right before we begin the bed-time routine. Laughing, playing. Being adorable and beautiful. This is joy. This is the stuff a good life is made of. Security. Togetherness. Laughter. Family. Cheesiness.

My life is sweet to the point of cheese on a regular basis. Which means it’s probably a good life. And also means that we would make a good credit card or life-insurance commercial.

This weekend we had a great time together. We went and saw the movie Brave which the girls loved, and then Lolly and I took them to McDonalds and watched them play in the play-land while we talked and ate ice cream cones. The three of them went shopping with Mommy on Friday while I was working, and each of them got to spend five dollars. It was supposed to be a lesson in economics, but that was all ruined when Lolly was helping Viva decide whether it was worth it to buy a piece of candy for eighty cents, and an older gentleman behind them was like “Oh, I’ll buy her the candy. In fact, here’s five dollars. Buy one for all three!” Very nice of you, old man. But also, you totally undermined our lesson on financial priorities. Instead of helping them learn how to prioritize their spending, you just taught our children that if they want something and are cute enough, an older gentleman will step in and hand them free cash.

That would be a pretty fun life-lesson if it were true. But it’s kinda not true. However, in the end, he helped my girls feel the Christmas spirit and the spirit of giving, so he wins in my book.

Also, Lolly and I have watched many hours of our new favorite show: The Good Wife. Watch it. You won’t regret. it.

This was a strange, kind-of-rambling post.

Oh well.

All right. Off to bed I go.


  1. "you just taught our children that if they want something and are cute enough, an older gentleman will step in and hand them free cash."

    Weed, I feel your pain. It has been the biggest goal of my life to teach my daughter that this is NOT true. I must say it's a losing battle if they are going to be in this world. My daughter is almost 21 and during her time home she mentioned that there are lots of ads from Sugar Daddies on Craig's list, turning my hair a little grayer. It's a battle. A constant battle. It stopped my heart even though she assured me she would NEVER do anything like that, it's apparently just fun to "read the ads".
    Personally I think it would be "fun" to track down the people who placed the ads and beat on their heads (both of them) with my wooden spoon.

  2. Same thing happened to us outside a grocery store a few weeks ago. My daughter was throwing a fit while we were walking to the car and a middle-aged guy walked up and gave her a dollar. The lesson she probably learned is that if she screams loud enough people will give her money. Oh well. I do appreciate people who try to cheer up my kids when they lose it, instead of just glaring at us. Hate the glaring.

  3. Now that your girls have become accustomed to handouts, they will probably grow up and vote for Sasha Obama for president. 😉
    DH and I had to talk with the kids yesterday, both of whom have become very entitled. From now on, the rule is 45% to savings, 45% to spending, 10% to charity (no corporations).
    My five year old daughter initially had a s**t fit upon being told how much she would be expected to put aside for charity, but I think it will grow on her.
    I need her to realize how privileged she is. Unfortunately this means cluing her in on the dire situations of a lot of people in the world and even America. This is hard to do to a five year old because you want kids to believe the world is safe and secure but you also want them to develop empathy and compassion. For my daughter, that might mean an end to some of the innocence. It makes me sad.

    1. I agree. I hate watching my kids lose that innocence. I make myself feel better realizing its better to lose it in increments under our safe roofs than protect them entirely and then send them into the world all soft and gooey without shells for protection. I call it "shell building" The trick is keeping them soft and gooey on the inside…

  4. I may be biased, since my name is Tessa also. But I think I can say, without allowing that to cloud my vision, that your kids are incredibly funny and absolutely adorable. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. My 15 month old had those skeleton jammies too…So cute, but the first time she wore them she woke up at 2 am. I stumbled into her room in the dark half awake and thought I was hallucinating when all I could see was a little skeleton standing in her crib making noises that sounded like my babe. lol.

  6. We love the Good Wife as well. Also, you forgot to mention that you had an amazing time being dragged around a mall on Friday night…we all know how much you love shopping 🙂 At least you got some jeans out of it! And because I have to let you know that Alli is as cool as Miss T…she has the light pink version of the skeleton jammies.

  7. the Good Wife is a great show. But yeah, only in the U.S. would a married gay couple have to prove that they were 'really' married. I did like the judge's comments that said, in essence, that straight marriages can be just as messy as gay marriages. They also seemed to be trying to parallel alicia's mother's 'real' marriages – real but messy, just like the gay couples.
    DOMA is awful and needs to go.The Obama administration has at least said they will no longer defend it in court. DOMA: yet another reason I am glad I am a Canadian.

    1. Another good thing about The Good Wife is not only that it hires openly gay actors – Alan Cumming as Eli for example. It also presents Alicia's brother Owen fairly non-stereotypically and Kalinda's bisexuality is treated respectfully. Now what they are doing to her character I don't like with that whole weird husband Nick – Kalinda I think was a much better character when she was more mysterious.

  8. I'm so glad you posted this! What is happening to me lately is that I simply cannot talk to people about my married life. They ask me how we're doing and as soon as I start telling them how good it is and rewarding, they change the topic or start complaining about their own marriage. I never thought I'd be in a situation where I would rather not share happines from my good marriage. Go figure.

    1. Wow. That was incredibly rude "anonymous ". So, from one anon to another, go troll elsewhere….mrs fg did not ask for that

  9. I honestly just laughed out loud. At work. For a good 3 minutes. Bless my heart. The bit about the older gentleman and your Econ lesson being sabotaged? I lost it. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I honestly just laughed out loud. At work. For a good 3 minutes. Bless my heart. The bit about the older gentleman and your Econ lesson being sabotaged? I lost it. Thanks for sharing!

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