First off, wanted to share the promo for the Ricki Lake show. It airs Friday and you can look up times on yesterday’s post.

So, that’s happening.

And now a (sad) story.

I got a call at work from Lolly who was like “Hey, did you move the pumpkins off of the front porch?” I was like, “no, I didn’t even notice the pumpkins on the front porch” and she was like “then they have been stolen.”

Yes, that’s right, the day before Halloween, some punk kids came and stole the pumpkins right off our porch on the night we were going to carve them with the girls.

Anna, who really loves this kind of thing, was devastated.

In the background, I could hear Anna crying and ranting and raving. It was really sad, of course, but it also ended up being funny too. I had Lolly stop talking so I could hear. This was her outraged speech:

“Mommy, you need to call 911 because whoever took those pumpkins needs to go to jail. First, they should have bought their own pumpkins. Second, it’s bad to steal…”

Lolly interrupted for a moment trying to calm her down, but she continued.

“I bet that whoever took our pumpkins were the same exact people who put the bad comments on Daddy’s blog…”

Yes, Anna. I’m sure that’s true. A disgruntled blog reader came up to Washington and stole the pumpkins off our porch. As a sign of protest. Because nothing says “I didn’t like that blog post” like robbing Halloween joy from a 6-year-old.

In the end, we had some smaller pumpkins that the girls were able to carve. So all was well.

Viva’s on the left, was done without any help. With a stylus. By stabbing over and over and over. Even the lid. (It took her hours. She was very diligent.)