Ricki promo + pumpkin robbery

First off, wanted to share the promo for the Ricki Lake show. It airs Friday and you can look up times on yesterday’s post.

So, that’s happening.

And now a (sad) story.

I got a call at work from Lolly who was like “Hey, did you move the pumpkins off of the front porch?” I was like, “no, I didn’t even notice the pumpkins on the front porch” and she was like “then they have been stolen.”

Yes, that’s right, the day before Halloween, some punk kids came and stole the pumpkins right off our porch on the night we were going to carve them with the girls.

Anna, who really loves this kind of thing, was devastated.

In the background, I could hear Anna crying and ranting and raving. It was really sad, of course, but it also ended up being funny too. I had Lolly stop talking so I could hear. This was her outraged speech:

“Mommy, you need to call 911 because whoever took those pumpkins needs to go to jail. First, they should have bought their own pumpkins. Second, it’s bad to steal…”

Lolly interrupted for a moment trying to calm her down, but she continued.

“I bet that whoever took our pumpkins were the same exact people who put the bad comments on Daddy’s blog…”

Yes, Anna. I’m sure that’s true. A disgruntled blog reader came up to Washington and stole the pumpkins off our porch. As a sign of protest. Because nothing says “I didn’t like that blog post” like robbing Halloween joy from a 6-year-old.

In the end, we had some smaller pumpkins that the girls were able to carve. So all was well.

Viva’s on the left, was done without any help. With a stylus. By stabbing over and over and over. Even the lid. (It took her hours. She was very diligent.)


  1. Is it crazy that I thought the same thing as Anna did? "Some stupid blog haters musta stolen the pumpkins!" 😛 At least, that was my first reaction. Then, you know, being grown-up(kinda) and all, I let that go.maybe.
    Happy Halloween Weed Family! 😀
    Have a great one!
    PS- The Pumpkins are adorable 😛
    My Halloween plans? Go to an old abandoned British cemetery with friends!

  2. I knew it! It is a conspiracy, they are out to get you and your little pumpkins too!!!… I'm impressed with Viva's determination, hopefully no one incurs her wrath in the future… though she would make a great Dread Pirate Roberts, taking no survivors and all that…
    Well, have a happy Halloween, hopefully it isn't too rainy up there, but if it must, may it get those horrid, blog hating youth who stole your pumpkins and tried to steal the happiness of your children!!! Or something like that…

  3. Let's not forget the real victim of the night… just trying to spread some Halloween cheer only to end up in the ER! Everyone else managed to swerve. Anna and Viva got their pumpkins (but not Tessa for some reason…), you got your pie, Josh got his funny blog post, and all I got is a Kia emblem-shaped bruise on my rear end.

  4. While I am sad for you and yours over this pumpkin crime, and, at the same time completely amused and entertained by the funny and sweet "rest of the story", — I am mostly laughing inside as I notice (in the background of the pumkin pic) that you have alot of the same cook books I have. This fact alone is barely notable, but when added to the fact that your floral sofa (from previous pics) is the exact same sofa I used to have, and then add to that, the fact that I too am happily married in a "mixed orientation relationship", I'm thinking that there clearly needs to be some more research done into the lifestyles of the cupcake eating, floral fabric decorating, gay guy marrying woman. 😉

  5. A few years ago when California had Prop 8 on the ballots, I had signs in my front yard. One Sunday morning I went out to the detached garage for something & glanced out front to see my Prop 8 sign & didn't think much about it. Five minutes later I went back out to the garage again & casually glanced towards the sign again only to see that it was gone!!!!!! I went back inside to review our security cameras & sure enough, a woman had walked across our lawn & robbed us of our sign. But then, as I watched, I saw that she had also walked up to our front porch & stolen our pumpkins! So naturally I grabbed a still shot of the image & blew it up. I posted it at our front door Halloween night to explain to trick-or-treaters that we were sorry we didn't have a pumpkin because 'this' woman had stolen it along w/ our Prop 8 sign. Needless to say we had many adults & lots of teenagers let us know, 'man…that's just WRONG to steal your sign & your pumpkin!'. Community support! Love it.

    1. Prop 8 is sort of like telling somebody they're not allowed to have a marriage to a spouse of their choosing.
      For California couples who had already been awarded that right, prop 8 was stealing it away.
      IMO that's just mean.
      Sorry about your pumpkins and everything. Whoever did it must have been out of their gourd.

    2. I had a 100+ pumpkins dropped off in our 1 acre yard on halloween night this year!! I guess I have something good that came out of it…fertilizer for our garden and lots of smiling pumpkin faces. sigh..

    3. Wow poppysmic, You must be really in favor of marriage equality to get all those pumpkin donations. They will probably be good fertilizer. Though one might argue that manuer (in the form of a pro prop 8 sign) could have those properties as well. I personally would prefer rotting pumpkins.

  6. I hate that your pumpkins were stolen!

    Viva was stabbing the pumpkin??? Should we be worried about her? The other pumpkin kind of looks like you Josh, you know one good eye and one blind eye. Just sayin'.

    Keep up the good work. I love your blog and I've learned a lot from you.

  7. Regarding the promo – they went right to the sex, eh? Not surprising but hopefully they will allow more depth in the actual airing of the episode.

  8. Question for 'Ask A Gay Man': (I think you should bring back that portion of your blog and call it that)

    Do gay husbands have man caves? I'm not referring to a room in the basement with a pool table and some neon signs and maybe some porn and Budweiser.

    I'm referring to the kind of figurative "man cave" that John Gray refers to in Mars/Venus. A surley noncommunicative place where men can linger indefinitely. I think that most of us girls don't want to be offensive (well some of us don't want to be offensive) but are dying to know.
    Do the words "can we talk?" make a gay man feel the urge to flee, even he must chew his own paw off in the process? Do you sometimes feel the inclination after an argument to pretend nothing was ever wrong and just gloss over the entire event as if it never happened? For well over a decade? Do women who choose MOM know something I don't?

    You've been to shrink school and I'm spending today weighing the merits of lesbianism (Cynthia Nixon feels it's a valid choice) vs. club unicorn. Not that I'd expect you to advise me to choose former. But maybe you can sell me on the latter.

    1. I realize your question is directed to a "gay man" (Josh), but you did wonder if women who choose MOM know something you don't, so, as a woman in a MOM (or MOR – mixed orientation relationship – which I like to say, even though I'm married), I would like to respond to your question.

      For me personally, I did not choose to be in a MOR/MOM when I married my husband because he did not tell me his "secret" (at the time we married, he had told NO ONE, and had lived with great conflict and personal turmoil his whole life. Shortly after our 10th anniversary he told me the truth, and expressed his sincere desire for us to remain married and to work it out somehow, so it was THEN that I choose to remain in a MOR/MOM. Currently, we have been married for 30 years and throughout the past 20 years we have experienced alot and learned alot. Now, it is absolutely amazing how our lives and our relationship has changed for the better. We have the most wonderful marriage, it is almost a dream come true, and is almost "MOR" then I could have ever asked for.

      But, as for knowing something that others don't. No, I don't think so. For me, I think I've just had a realistic outlook to the realities of relationships, and maybe a lot of faith that God will continually be there to help us muddle through. For us, it requires alot of honesty, communication, respect, and true love. I think that's a necassry component to any healthy & successful relationship/marriage.

      BTW – my "gay man" seems to have alot of the same personality traits that are stereotypical of John Gray's man from Mars. He can be quite "noncommunicative" at times, but he has actually evolved from a man who was afraid of the words "can we talk", to a man who embraces the opportunity to talk because he has learned through experience that communication is a good thing and brings us closer together. Still, he seems to be quite "normal" in that he likes to hunt/fish with his Dad, enjoys spending time in his shop working on mechanical stuff, and often requires all the strength he can muster to click the "pause" button on the tv when I need his attention. I've learned when to give him some space, but mostly he has grown from being disconnected to completely plugged in.

      I guess the bottom line is that just as in a straight relationship, gay relationship, mixed orientation relationship, or whatever the relationship may be, we're all just people, some of us are from Mars, and some of us are from Venus, and some of us are just establishing our own new planets that are molded by us for us, and the success of our relationships ultimately depend on US.

      My advice to you (possible unsolicited advice I know) is that although John Gray's understanding of the average guy/gal is interesting and can be helpful, given your stated dilema, it might be best to avoid all sterotypes and just trust your instincts, listen to your heart, have faith in God to guide you, and look at all people as individuals with personalities unique to them, and amazing abilities to mold their lives. As are you a unique individual, with special traits, a God who loves you and is willing to guide you, and the ultimate freedom on this earth to say – I DEFINE ME. – Luv to you and Good Luck. 🙂

    2. Cynthia Nixon also feels that many people are born gay. I'm thinking she wouldn't want what she said used by people who find being gay abhorrent or against God and for that reason 'choosing' not to be who they are. From everything I've read and watched about her and by her, there is no indication that that is what she meant.
      To quote her: 'However, to the extent that anyone wishes to interpret my words in a strictly legal context I would like to clarify: While I don't often use the word, the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual.
      'I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have "chosen" is to be in a gay relationship.'
      I don't think she would want her words co-opted by religious people who feel God is against gay people.
      And finally, if you feel that God is against your living a gay life (you don't say this so I don't know really) I can't imagine that you'd have to be convinced by Josh or anyone that you should live a straight lifestyle.
      and to the woman above, gay people are'normal' and many enjoy huntng and fishing, mechanical stuff and watching TV. Some are disconnected, some are plugged in.

    3. Yes!, thank you – that was exactly my point in using the word "normal", (and why I put it in quotations). I was attempting to emphasizing the fact that gay men ARE "normal" (whatever "normal" is…) and individuals, and should not be lumped into stereotypical groups. And, since you asked "do gay husbands have man caves?", and if they run from the phrase "can we talk" etc. like Gray's "stereotypical" man from Mars seems to do, I wished to convey that my husband (who is gay) is just as much "normal" (a man from mars) as what I assume the average straight man is percieved as being. I am not happy with the people who are somewhat narrow minded and seem to think that gay men don't hunt/fish, work on cars, or watch football – because SOME DO.

      And, actually I might have misunderstood your comments because I thought you were the one placing "gay men" into a stereotypical group in asking if woman who choose mixed orientation marriages know something (about gay men) that you don't. Sorry if I misunderstood – I'm just trying to get involved in this important conversation, but absolutely do not want to stir up controversy, in fact, the opposite, I'm hoping to encourage understanding, acceptance, and respect.

      Anyway, my main point, which might have been overlooked, is that we are all individual, unique, and have the right to define ourselves and not be cornered into anyone else's definition of us.

      PS- (not trying to pick a fight either, just laughing at the confusion that arises in communicating through the written word instead of in person, eye to eye.)

      I think it's a little funny that you found it necessary to say to me

      "to the woman above, gay people are "normal" and many enjoy hunting and fishing, mechanical stuff and watching TV. Some are diconnected, some are plugged in."

      …like I didn't already know that…???… hey,I'm the one who just said that,…so obviously, I know that. lol

      Actually, I know A LOT about gay men,….I've been married to one for 30 years, and we have many gay friends. 🙂 …

      my best to you 🙂

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