So, I’m in the airport on the way down to California because tomorrow Lolly and I are going to be on The New Ricki Lake show.

No, this is not the 90’s. Yes, this is actually happening.

On my Facebook page, I mentioned that there was an 8% chance that this was a set-up and that I would get there and someone would tell me that one of my children wasn’t mine. And then I’d have to be outraged and violently throw a chair and get tackled by security.

However, a few commenters (on Facebook and Twitter) proposed some even better scenarios:

–Surprise makeover?
–Suprise 90’s makeover? (Hammer pants!)
–LIVE paternity test for my girls?
–I meet the child I allegedly sired 16 years ago?

So, clearly there are options.

Or, I might just end up talking a lot about being gay and married to my amazing wife.

In other news, I still have ADD. Wanna know how I know? Because I packed three entire clothes options for tomorrow (that’s what they asked for–trust me, I don’t care enough about clothes to ever do that on my own), and as I was walking out the door to go to the airport I was unsettled, sure that I was forgetting something. I got out to my ride who was like “did you bring your razor?” and I was like “Ay Carumba! That’s it! Thank you so much for saving me!” Ran in, grabbed said razor, grabbed eyebrow/nose clippers for good measure, and hopped in the car.

As we pulled into the airport, I realized the minor thing I had forgotten. Underwear. 

So, I’m Mormon, right? If you know much about Mormons you know why this is a problem.

I figure my options are:

1. wear dirty underwear

2. somehow miraculously acquire new undergarments

or my personal favorite

3. go commando on Ricki Lake.

I’ll let you know how things end up. Unless I forget to.  Because obviously I have no attention span or organizational skills whatsoever.

Oh, also, this is a picture I took at the airport. I thought it was kind of cool to be watching the debate with all those people, and it was nice to see a whole crowd of people who cared enough about the election to listen to what the candidates have to say.

Good for you, SeaTac Airport Americans. You kinda inspired me today.

Forgot to mention, I’m not sure when the episode is airing, but when I find out, I’ll let you know immediately. So you can watch it, and try to guess just how many layers of clothes separate you from… me.

(Also, if you’re into praying or whatever, pray that we’ll do well and say good things and that the visit will be productive and something all involved feel good about. And if you’re not into praying, toss us out some positive thoughts, yo. Thanks.)

UPDATED: Although we don’t have a car, Lolly’s parents have stopped by an LDS Distribution Center on their way up to see the taping and saved the day! No need to go commando!