Hi guys.

There a few words that I might use to describe why I haven’t been around for a week. Normally I’d give a lengthier explanation, but I have the feeling these words might just be explanation enough:

trip to urgent care
broken down transmission
hate calls from perfect strangers to my phone
internet down at the house
lost keys

None of that is even close to a joke. So, yeah. Been an eventful week. And not in a good way.

The good news is…
that my spirits are pretty high, considering. And Lolly still loves me even though I’m keeping her awake by typing right now. (That’s a direct quote from her. Which means I need to make this short post shorter!)

I have a couple of posts almost done (that describe some of this stuff in more detail) so I’ll get those up soon.

In the meantime, I need to tell you about a few important things:

1. Our Ricki Lake episode is slated to air this Friday November 2nd. This link will help you determine when it airs where you are. Hopefully it comes off as well as we felt it went, but if not, c’est la vie I suppose. Hopefully it’s not a disaster in any way.

2. Here is the first part of the interview that Kendall Wilcox did with us. For like a third of it it looks like I’m staring off into space all doe eyed and filled with wonder. Which is awesome.

3. This Saturday (Nov. 3rd), I’ll be giving a keynote address here. Feel free and come and support, but also be aware that there has been some controversy regarding my participation in this event (which is really strange considering what its stated purpose is). If you can’t make it to that, I’ll also be on a panel for the Association of Mormon Counselors and Psychotherapists on Nov. 17th, which you can get more details about here. (The venue in Utah County seats 1,000–so please come so it doesn’t feel all empty. Pretty please?).

All right. Let’s see if I can get back into daily posts. (I really tend to stress less about the blog that way, which is counterintuitive, but true.) Wish me luck!

UPDATE: So, back in the olden days, I used to reply to every comment. I hadn’t done that for a while, and decided I wanted to today. I miss it. I’ll try to do it again from time to time. Thank you all for your awesome comments!