Anna: Mommy, how many cents is one nickel and two pennies?

Lolly: Well, sweetie, one nickel is five cents. So what would the total be?

Anna: Is it three?

Lolly: Hmmm. No, a nickel has five cents in it. It’s like five pennies.

Anna: Can I look at a nickel?

Lolly: Sure. *finds a nickel and hands it to Anna*

Anna: Mommy, who is that on the nickel?

Lolly: It’s Thomas Jefferson.

Anna: Ow wow, Mommy. He’s really really handsome. *stares off dreamily*

Yeah. Anna just expressed her first crush. On a nickel.  Not sure what’s more disturbing, the fact that it involves a founding father, or the fact that she just basically just got a crush on currency.

What a dreamboat.

(That joke would be so, SO much less creepy if I hadn’t come out last summer.)
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We can’t blame our sweet daughter for the strangeness of her celebrity crush. After all, her mother has a crush on… this.


  1. It's not creepy. Lots of people crush on Thomas Jefferson. Gay. Straight. I'm straight and I crush on Rachel Maddow. Kind of like a one time offer for her.
    This could really go either way for your daughter. Jefferson espoused many fine liberal values, but a child who crushes on money at such a young age might also become a proponent of trickle down theory later on in life. I have a print of The Statute Of Virginia For Religious Freedom in my hallway. My own five year old (who is currently in love with money) has to pass by it daily and so do conservative visitors who want to use my bathroom. I like to think it brings a little Jeffersonian spirit to the place.

  2. Ha ha! She says the darndest things. Love her! Who needs TV with entertainment like that? (Hmm, maybe you should have your own reality show (emphasis on should. Would italicize but can't cuz I'm on a Blackberry and don't know how). She would probably have to be in every single scene though.)

  3. This might be the funniest post I have read so far. I couldn't stop laughing! Mmmm….sexy Thomas Jefferson. Yum Yum!

    Also, I hadn't read the "Celebrity Crush" post yet either, and my life is infinitely improved because I now have. 😀 So hysterical!!

  4. Y'know, I gotta hand it to her- she has good taste! Of all the "preidential portraits," Jefferson is the best-looking.. franklin, anyone???.. (and the fact that he's on the $100 bill just doesn't quite make up for it )

  5. "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." Thomas Jefferson.

    Gotta say, I have a crush on the man too! Love the founding fathers. So on the ball. She's got great taste! Hahahaha!

    1. LOL Gemma! The phrase "thick thatch of hair" in relation to his probable wig is why I love the international flavor of The Weed's community:-).

      I also think Josh has cheated himself of a LOT of points by not updating the talley.
      Josh- young unicorn vs. Lionel/old unicorn is obviously 2000 points for Josh.
      And these 2 posts are so hilarious and charmingly deprecating that Josh, you get 10,000 points for surely making Lolly laugh! Weed thing, you make her heart sing!

    2. That sounded a bit English, did it?

      Oh, I must have completely spoiled the whole effect with Darn it. (*Nobody* says Darn in this country. I was translating for the Americans)

  6. When my oldest girl was 4, a crummy TV Ad for a Presidents Day car sale came on TV, along with images of past presidents. "Those Guys!" squeaked the kid, looking a little coy and a little breathless, but jumping up and down "We've got a picture of those guys at preschool!"

  7. Be careful if you ever find one of those coveted Kennedy half-dollars that have pretty much disappeared from circulation altogether. When she gets a look at JFK, she just might switch crushes.

    I'm more an FDR girl, myself.

  8. I always thought Abraham Lincoln was handsome, and when I was very young I had a crush on Mickey Mantle! So, these young girl crushes are normal (I hope!)

    BTW, you might enjoy my favorite quote from Thomas Jefferson: "The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family."
    Author: Thomas Jefferson

  9. Hey, have you seen the HBO miniseries John Adams, starring Paul Giamatti (as John Adams)? The Thomas Jefferson is really handsome. There, I said it.

  10. My 8 year old son recently stopped obsessing about learning about the Presidents. One day, while looking at a poster of the Presidents, he matter-of-factly stated that Warren G Harding was a very handsome man. It cracked me up!

    1. Too funny! My dad always complained that his name was Millard and that Pres. Millard Fillmore was ugly. He always wanted to know why his parents couldn't have named him after Warren G. Harding who was president when he was born since he was better-looking. Personally, I happen to think Fillmore is the better-looking of the two but my father was better-looking than either one so I don't know what he was complaining about. LOL

  11. One of my students today developed a crush on Mr. Mint from Candyland. The one in the newer game (not the cartoony peppermint legged one from the 80s) is much dreamier. And then her and her twin sister were fighting over who got to kiss him.

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