All right, so the comments on the check-in post just got a reeeeeaaaallly poor clean-up. I tried to follow the rule “if it’s not a check-in or in direct response to a check in, it goes.” I probably messed it all up and offended three trillion people and did it in a totally unfair way and stomped on a genuine question or two, and for that I’m so sorry. I also got bored and stopped prematurely so I may have missed major stuff.

Normally when a post has threads that go off the deep end
I just delete the whole post because, seriously, do I really want to take an hour or two of my time and cherry pick comments that I think cross lines? No I do not. I do not have that kind of time or attention span. I deleted the post for a couple minutes this time, but then I realized that people are going to want to go back and see their commitments, so I decided to repost it, then go through and do a general massive sweep of offensive and off-topic stuff (nothing personal towards anyone–I swear–just getting it cleaned out and refocused on the topic, which was check-ins) and then turned off comments. I hope you guys are patient with me in having chosen that solution. I have never been accused of being the most thorough guy in the world, so seriously I have likely missed important things or deleted innocuous things. If it means a lot to you, let me know and I’ll happily rectify something, but I’m hoping not to have to spend much more time on that post.

Also, I still owe you all a FFAQ from last week. The comment that won won by a landslide. As I think I told you, I wrote a response, but the Lolly nixed it because it wasn’t good enough (she’s an exacting editor at times) and I am working now on the real deal. I hope to have it up soon. As in in the next day or two.

Aaaaand finally I have a question for you LDS folks who watch conference. So, I absolutely loved General Conference and got a lot out of it. But I’m not gonna lie, I may or may not have contemplated infanticide at various points of the weekend when my children did things like: spilled entire bags of candy or screamed at the top of their lungs or asked “is it almost over” approximately 4 bazillion times.

I’ll tell you what, thoughts of inflicting death on innocent children are not very congruent with one’s attempt to be spiritually fed by General Conference. That’s just in case you were wondering.

So, this is where I ask for your expertise. We tried conference Bingo where they hear different words and cover up spaces with M & M’s. It was not successful and ended up devolving into Anna asking “did they say ______?” enough to almost entirely obliterate the net silence, while Viva ate bags of candy and Tessa ran around smearing chocolate on various parts of the house with reckless abandon (and then threw two-year-old tantrums–her level of melt-down was impressive. Makes sense because she turns two in one week).

So, what are your ideas? How do you keep your kids entertained during conference?