Does this ever happen to you?

You get into this bind with blogging where you don’t post, then you start to think that you can never post again until you’ve come up with something truly brilliant to make up for the fact that you haven’t posted enough lately.
Except then you can’t think of something awesome. So the days keep passing. And pretty soon it’s been a week and you haven’t posted and you start to feel a little bad about yourself and you wonder why you continue to choose career supplementations that require attributes like: stamina, consistency, non-suckiness, any level of adulthood whatsoever. And you begin to question your life-choices. 
And then you consider shutting down operations. But that only lasts a few moments before you realize that your blog is something you love doing with all your heart. So then you resolve to stop sucking.
That’s where I’m at, people.
The part where I resolve to stop sucking.
So, I’ve decided that what I’m going to do is post every. single. day.
And if it’s crap it’s crap.
But at least it will be something. And sometimes, it will not suck. And you might like it. 
But the important thing is that I will never get stuck in the vortex where I stop posting and then feel like I can never post again.
And do you know how I’m going to inaugurate this change of pace?
By publishing this sucker, right now, no picture, no read-through, all while Lolly and I sit and watch our program (right now we’re watching White Collar). 
See you all tomorrow.
PS–I lied and I not only edited it (old habits die hard) but had Lolly read it and she said “Tell them the story about how as I was putting in the disc for White Collar I was also eating a popsicle, and at one point after the disc popped out because it wasn’t being read by the player correctly my brain switched my hands and I tried to take a bite out of the DVD while putting a popsicle into the DVD player.”
Done and done. 


  1. You want to read tons of blog posts about nothing? ( cause who doesn't?) You should read mine from when I was on bedrest for four months. Quality right there. Haha.
    Nothing can be worse than that… 😉
    Oh it was feb-June 2008, just in case…

  2. YES! It happens to me, and not just with blogging. I am really good at overwhelming myself with anything, and then avoiding said thing like the plague. Followed by guilt and shame spirals of inefficiency, which only serve to make it worse. Until it gets so bad Something Must Be Done. Shockingly, I even posted about it recently, linking to you and your ADHD demons post. Which I only share because it actually applies. It is nice to find kindred people with the same brand of crazy. I freaking love your blog.

  3. I post every day and in some ways I think it's easier to post every day because the pressure to be brilliant is gone. If the blog is no good one day you can just chalk it up to 'well, I can't be funny everyday.' ; )

  4. Not to be the pessimistic one. I often do what you do, but then set a goal way too high and unreachable for the long term. After a few weeks, I fall into the cycle of failing, shame, and recommitting to begin again. I would love to read my Weed daily but is it doable?

    White Collar quote of the season by Mozzie (who else?) "Viva La Healthcare."

  5. I realized that I suck at doing daily posts early on in my blogging career, so I resolved to do weekly posts. Then I realized that I suck at doing weekly posts too, so now I'm just a 'post when I feel like it' kind of blogger. Which means I'm just all 'round sucky blogger when you get right down to it! I'm good with that…

  6. I know exactly how you feel. I have this food blog that was awesome for like a month. Now it sucketh.

    FYI- I do not think your posts suck in the least.

    P.S. Obsessed with White Collar!!

  7. Sometimes I HATE blogger. I just wrote a big response . . . hit publish . . . BAM, "You do not own that entity." No redirection, no "try again," just comment deleted and lost in the world of the internet.

    Anyway . . . I created a blog for this exact reason, separate from my other blogs where I have standards and sit there and think about what I wrote for a year and edit a thousand times – it's called "The Unaltered Mind." I write and hit publish, BOOM, committed to never editing a thing.

  8. I remember you said you would be answering questions received after the first coming out post and then you did answer a couple. Can you continue with that? I started following the blog after that post and I feel like that's what I'm waiting for.

  9. let it be your online journal, a daily/nightly thing that makes you feel too guilty to skip or you loose sleep worrying about it so you might as well oll over and post at least something to say there it's done…

  10. This is what I love about you. You make me feel normal. If it's any comfort at all, I am much worse than you, plus, all my good blogstuff gets nixed by the teenagers now…… sigh. I need a life, but I lack the energy to pursue one. 😉

  11. I like your new blog header, though your ad on the side had a girl in her underwear that I would have rather not seen.

    I don't know if you follow the webcomic XKCD, but their offering today reminded me of you and I was determined to make a comment on your blog to share it with you.

    1. That one might be the best description of how it feels I've ever encountered. Thanks for sharing.

      Also, sorry about the ad. I'll see what I can do about ensuring that doesn't happen anymore.

  12. I have followed this blog for quite some time. I am a professional. I am a mother. I am also a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. While I am impressed how you have lived your life in harmony with the Gospel teachings, and feel you are doing the best you can to live a "righteous" life, I have mixed feelings on your posts for a few reasons. I have served in many presidencies within the church & have worked very closely with the youth for many years. I admire your desire to choose the right, but I feel these posts that have come public is giving those with the same struggles and open door to live that life as if being "gay" is okay. I have read many of your posts, and I have also read many comments and I am concerned about how many church members are struggling with the same tendencies that now think it is okay, because of your posts.
    Ultimately, I am not the judge…but why go publicly, why not be private about your personal affairs. The outcome of these posts may have a positive affect on peoples lives…but remember there are negative consequences as well. We are all entitled to our angency…but we have to be ready for the consequences involved. Im afraid for some youth that now will think its okay as long as they dont act upon it. I can have bad thoughts as long as I dont act on it – wrong! We will be responsible whether thought or action! Thoughts lead to actions…..may I remind you that Satan is very powerful and has strong hold of some of our stalwart youth. Take Care!

    1. I think what you may be having a hard time understanding is you can't pray the gay away, or if you do everything "perfectly" it does not "go away". There isn't a cure or a fix. It's not a choice to BE gay, you either are or are not. For Josh he is gay, but he does not live that lifestyle. He has chosen to marry a woman in the temple, have children, live a devout life in the church while still at the core being gay. There is nothing wrong with what he is doing, he is not breaking any rules in the church or anything of the sort.

      His message is one of acceptance yes, but accepting yourself for who you are and learning to love yourself. His message isn't saying that the gay "lifestyle" is good or bad, but that we need to love ourselves and one another unconditionally.

      I encourage you to re-read his original coming out post and hopefully you will get a clearer picture of what his true message is.

    2. I have also read Josh's posts. I agree with this individual about the affect these posts will have on others both positive & negative. As a psycologist myself, you are not born gay! It is a choice. Just like your not born an alcoholic, it is a choice! There is a cure. Live a righteous life & all will be well.

    3. So your saying people choose to be attracted to the same gender? When I say people are born gay I am saying they are born attracted to the same gender. Whether they act upon it is another story.

  13. You've outlined what I or every other blogger feels every other day of the year.

    And even though it's just been 5 months since I started blogging, it's happening to me already. 😛

    P.S. One of the reasons I love your blog is because you post so often. 🙂

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