Does this ever happen to you?

You get into this bind with blogging where you don’t post, then you start to think that you can never post again until you’ve come up with something truly brilliant to make up for the fact that you haven’t posted enough lately.
Except then you can’t think of something awesome. So the days keep passing. And pretty soon it’s been a week and you haven’t posted and you start to feel a little bad about yourself and you wonder why you continue to choose career supplementations that require attributes like: stamina, consistency, non-suckiness, any level of adulthood whatsoever. And you begin to question your life-choices. 
And then you consider shutting down operations. But that only lasts a few moments before you realize that your blog is something you love doing with all your heart. So then you resolve to stop sucking.
That’s where I’m at, people.
The part where I resolve to stop sucking.
So, I’ve decided that what I’m going to do is post every. single. day.
And if it’s crap it’s crap.
But at least it will be something. And sometimes, it will not suck. And you might like it. 
But the important thing is that I will never get stuck in the vortex where I stop posting and then feel like I can never post again.
And do you know how I’m going to inaugurate this change of pace?
By publishing this sucker, right now, no picture, no read-through, all while Lolly and I sit and watch our program (right now we’re watching White Collar). 
See you all tomorrow.
PS–I lied and I not only edited it (old habits die hard) but had Lolly read it and she said “Tell them the story about how as I was putting in the disc for White Collar I was also eating a popsicle, and at one point after the disc popped out because it wasn’t being read by the player correctly my brain switched my hands and I tried to take a bite out of the DVD while putting a popsicle into the DVD player.”
Done and done.