Well, the hike was a success, and I didn’t even defecate everywhere, which is always a plus when you’re climbing to the top of a mountain.

Here are some pictures:

This is me on top of a mountain. Because I climb mountains. It’s just something I do. 

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 Me and my buddy JT. You can see a bunch of non-mountainous valley stuff behind us. There are some trees there I think. And maybe a river. (We are on Mount Si for anyone who cares.)

These are of my knee which I bloodied when I tripped on a rock while descending the mountain at the speed of light. (Seriously, we did this hike FAST. 90 minutes up, 45 minutes down. 4,000 feet. It’s no big deal.)

Anyway, it was a good hike. 
I’m really tired so I’m going to hit the hay.
Oh, wait! Tomorrow is Friday, so I want to accrue some questions for my awesomely alliterative Friday’s Frequently Asked Question post. So, is there something you’ve wanted to ask me? I’ve been thinking about how to do this, and maybe this is dumb, but what I think I’ll do is: if you have a question that you’ve wanted me to answer (about gayness or about anything else as well), ask it in the comments. Then, if you see a question already asked that you also want answered just reply to the comment saying “ditto”. The question with the most “dittos” is the one I’ll answer. So remember, if there’s a question that you really want me to answer, be sure to “ditto” it so it gets chosen. 
I’m sure there’s a better, cleaner more tech savvy way to do this. Until you teach me it though, this is all we’ve got. 
Thanks for being awesome guys.

AMAZINGLY good questions. I’m excited. Poll closes at 8:00pm PST, so get your dittoes in!