So, you know the illness that has stormed through my house causing a need for Diarrhea Juice and basically making life miserable here at Chateaux Weed?

I got it today.

I’m sticking to the BRAT diet, downing vitamin C (does that actually help?) and I am really, really, really hoping I wake up feeling better tomorrow.

It’s only fair that I got it though because when Lolly was sick I teased her and was like “Hey Lolly, what’s the BRAT diet again? Isn’t it beefsteak, roast beef, anchovies and tilapia?” and she was like “bleh, I think I’m gonna be sick…”

I’m not laughing now. Karma, I tell ya.

Have you ever seen a food more soothing to the intestinal tract?

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Wish me luck.

Also, tomorrow is Lolly’s birthday! I’m so in love with her and so incredibly glad she was born. Leave her a birthday greeting if it suits your fancy. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.