…one comment at a time.

So, yeah, I spent today periodically checking the comments on my post this morning ready to strike. I have been sitting patiently, like a sniper, awaiting the moment when I could obliterate the first offensive comment I saw so that people could see that I’m not all talk, and that I am dead serious, and that I really will NOT tolerate that stuff anymore.


You people have left 80 of the most civil, awesome, respectful comments every written about this complex topic.

How annoying of you!!!!

And also


Real dialogue is happening right now. Like, seriously, people are talking. Not everybody is agreeing. Not everybody thinks in the same ways. But everybody that has said something has shown civility, has tempered their words and opinions with conciliatory language, has avoided inflammatory phrases for the most part, and has even apologized if they made mistakes.

Part of me is so disappointed I didn’t get to show off my delete-button skills.

But most of me is so freaking happy to see the discussion be so awesome. I mean look at some of these conversations! People are actually talking to each other about hard things. I have felt enriched and educated as I’ve read some of the conversations on that post, and heard people speak plainly and without fear about their deeply held fears and beliefs.

I have no idea how long it will last, but I’m taking it for however long I can. And I am loving it. Maybe, just maybe, this is a new leaf, and the tone has taken shape in a lasting way.

But you better believe that the part of me that got all serious this morning is still waiting, dormant, for the first comment to cross into my arbitrarily chosen line “too much” so that I can decimate it.

All right, folks. I’m tired. FFAQ response tomorrow? Maybe. I have lots to do for this training I’m doing at the end of the week which feels actually as time consuming and expensive as a small grad degree.

Good night. I hope you all sleep well.