Reality TV Clip

Yeah, Lolly got behind the camera today and concocted a clip all about why we probably should never be allowed on TV.

Here it is:

Basically, this clip is the sum of what the entire concept of a reality show about us would be: messes made by our girls, us saying stupid weird things, product placement, and over-emphasis of any physical affection between me and Lolly ever.


Also, based on some of your suggestions, we’re actually considering doing a weekly vlog video thingy. So, if you do actually like this (which, it’s seriously okay if you don’t) feel free to share and spread the word. Or not. You know, whatever floats your boat.


  1. Hahahaha I love this!! And I totally saw that bowl of candy on your counter saturday! Haha I think you should accept their offer πŸ˜‰

  2. I was thinking about that the other day, and trying to work out what would be interesting enough in the day-to-day life of most LDS families to make up even one reality show episode. Not that you aren't charming, fascinating and delightful people , but it seems like they'd have to come up with some pretty contrived situations to make it "work". What were they going to do, parade the US men's swim team through your living room in the hopes that either of you would take note?

  3. Y'know, I can't stand candy corn, but I am craving that combo now. Hmm. I say go for the vlog, and skip the creepy reality show. Even if you guys were totally genuine, they'd edit you to be freaky-deaky, because — ratings!

    Or, maybe they'd make it dishwater boring like the Duggars' show. "Oh man, how will they get all those kids into the bus and down the driveway?? How??" I am not sure which would be worse, haha!

  4. Super cute πŸ˜‰ I'll be watching for sure! (I'm only anon because I was to lazy to register lol) This looks like my house πŸ˜‰

  5. This is much better than any of the so-called "reality" shows you see on TV. Of course, it's not a money maker πŸ™‚ Which is why it's more fun.

    But candy corn, REALLY? (I know, I said that on facebook, too.) Candy corn has no redeeming qualities. I know there are two camps where candy corn is concerned, either you love it or you hate. No in between.

    1. I was playing this on my laptop and my roommate in the next room hollered, "Is that Kid History?!" Hahaha love it.

  6. Your kids are like the female versions of my three boys. It cracks me up. They are too cute! I hope Lolly is feeling better. I just got over bronchitis so I can relate. I'm going to have to try the candy corn and reeses pieces. Two of my favorite candies mixed together… Hmmm…

  7. YES, please do a weekly video blog! I seriously just love you guys. Like I've said before, being real and genuine is such a struggle for me, and that's what I LOVE about this blog. It feels like such a safe place.


  8. I prefer my peanut butter right out of the jar. I've also seen peanut butter and chocolate mixed right together and marketed that way.

    It looks like you're training your girls to be cereal killers.

  9. A favorite concoction around here…are you ready for this? Popcorn and m&m's! It's so good! Plus the candy shell keeps the chocolate contained and when you eat it, it's a far less messy version of chocolate covered popcorn. I suppose Reese's pieces would be a good one too…or maybe both.

  10. Your family is adorable and I stand in awe of you guys, but…I must confess…all that cereal on the floor had my fingers itching to clean it up! Oh my gosh! I would probably go postal if my kids did something like that! Was it staged? And if not, how on earth can you handle it? I guess that's the difference between the ADHD and the OCD. I think I am a little bit of the one and quite a bit of the other, without being enough of either to be diagnosed. But sheesh! Clean it up! PLease!!!!

    1. There's nothing wrong with getting video proof before cleaning it up. Plus it helps remind you that not all messes are terrible, horrible things. Spilled cereal is so much better than a shredded couch or broken electronics. I think it's funny. Good moms need to be able to handle messes without freaking out. They're just kids – they can't be perfect (and neither can we).

  11. Could you do a few "specials" like the Duggars started out?
    I watched all of those, and thought they were cute. I think
    their series is very *CONTROLLED* as to what content they
    put out. There is a story line, ect. Their editor is not
    out to get them, Kate Gosselin cannot say the same thing.

    Your family is adorable!

  12. Go for it! It would be great to see more of your family. And if you did it yourself it would be…well, reality. Your reality in your control (vs. the twisted plots the TV show would warp).

  13. Great video! Your family is awesome. Count me as another enthusiastic vote for the vlog. How did your presentation at the symposium go? Hopefully it went well. Take care!

  14. The cereal started to give me a minor panic attack, but only because discovered too many similar messes at my house. Last summer I asked my two little girls to "be good" while they went into to the house ten minutes ahead of me while I finished what I was working on outside. What I came into? Ten. Minutes. Later? The table and surrounding floor were confettied with pretzels. Big deal, you say? Yes, that would have been easy enough to pick up. I agree. But they didn't stop there. They made their way to the entirely opposite end of the kitchen and found a bag of shredded cheese. They matched this to the circumference of the pretzel confetti they had already created. Now, the pretzels are harder to pick up because they're camouflaged by cheese and I can't just vacuum the cheese up because of the pretzels. But they didn't stop there. No. They visited another entirely obscure and random part of the kitchen to dig out the baking soda. They also beautifully added this on top of the previous mess and provided a light dusting on everything in the vicinity as it clouded up from the ground. As I vacuumed, the fine powder worked its way into the floor thoroughly so even that step became more complicated. Ten. Minutes. (Writing this makes me wonder why am I so excited for their older siblings [my extra eyes] to start school again? I don’t know, but I still can’t wait….)
    I think any truly β€œreal” reality show with children would be too stressfully like my own life for me to enjoy.

  15. That was great! Keep it coming! My son made a similar mess on the floor with rice one time while I was nursing the baby. It was awesome. We still find rice hidden in cracks once in awhile and it's been six months!

  16. that reminds me of what its like for me to sleep in, only to awake to my autonomous children who have toilet papered my house. only, i usually freak out and do a lot of yelling and crying. i think i will just make a 'reality video' about it next time. thanks πŸ™‚

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