So, Saturday was an incredibly long day.

First, we went to the Compassionate Cause symposium where I was on a panel because I am an expert where when we say “expert” we mean someone who has had their own therapy practice for one entire year.

Actually, being on the panel was really cool because it was a symposium talking all about homosexuality in the Mormon church, and the panel was, as I said, a panel of therapists. So I ended up being the only person on the panel who was Mormon and gay and a therapist which meant that I accidentally probably talked way too much and people were probably like “how can we get this guy to shut up without saying ‘hey, could you shut up now?'”

Also, there was this really weird moment where I was sitting there in front a roomful of total strangers and started telling my story…

I was like “okay, so a few months ago I published a blog post in which I came out..” and my friend, therapist Aimee Heffernan who was also on the panel, was like “Um, Josh. Everybody knows this story. It went viral” and everyone in the audience nodded and laughed like “yeah dummy, tell us something we don’t know.” It was totally surreal. I still can’t get used to that kind of thing. Which is probably good preparation for six months from now when nobody has any recollection whatsoever of who I am anymore because six months is like fourteen centuries in Internet Time.

Anyway, after the panel, Lolly came up and we told our story and it was really nice to have Lolly up there by my side. She was so good.

In fact, here’s footage just posted on Youtube if you’re interested. (Don’t feel bad if you skip this):

I think it’s important to note that Lolly was told she was hot by several people. And that’s because she looked amazing.

Overall, I thought the symposium went really well. There was an ecclesiastical panel that truly blew my mind. I loved everything they had to say. I didn’t get to see the keynote or basically the first half of the day because I was busy raising three young daughters. (We were lucky to get childcare for the six hours we were there.)

Afterwards, we met tons of amazing people, which was a real shame because I spent about 87% of that time being stupidly distracted by all the stimulation around me, which means people were probably like “wow, does this guy even know how to interact with other humans?” If you met me and I was weird, know that it’s not you. It’s me.

And then we went home, and like five seconds later Kendall Wilcox came to interview us for a documentary. He’s won an Emmy for filmmaking. It’s seriously nbd.

That interview was long but also good. I hope our voice contributes good things to the dialogue he is helping to create.

Afterwards, we stayed up talking for several hours because, well, the entire crew was awesome. I introduced them to white chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream. I think we all felt like it was worth staying up ’till 2am.

That is until I woke up at 7am, at which point I wanted to die.

So, all in all, there was about 4 to 6 hours of footage taken of me and Lolly talking on Saturday. What, you might ask, are the chances of me having gone for all that time without saying at least something ridiculous? I assure, the chances are zero. I haven’t seen whatever I botched yet, but I’m sure it’s coming. And when it does I’ll share.

Garsh I’m tired. Being a therapist and a writer/blogger and a parent can be strenuous. (Probably the most first-world thing I’ve ever said.)

But by golly my life is good. Really, really good.

G’night all.