I don’t have time for a real post. So I’m busting out another short one so that you know that I am yet alive. Lolly and I are presenting at a symposium today and then are being filmed for a documentary tonight. It’s funny because when people ask “so, has your life calmed down and gotten back to normal?” I keep telling people “oh, yeah, things are definitely getting back to normal…” and then when I look at days like today I realize that things keep not getting back to normal at all.

Probably what I mean when I have the impulse to say that is that this is starting to feel like a new normal.

Wish us luck today.

Oh! In response to last post’s reality TV question…

Let me tell you what the deal is. So, we were contacted a while back by a production company who wanted to pitch a show about us to all the major networks. We seriously considered it, because that’s what you do when someone offers you the opportunity to completely revamp your entire financial situation. We prayed about it, talked to the girls about it, talked to our family and friends about it, and sincerely thought about what that would look like for our family. In the end, despite the fact that there would be many good (principally financial) things that could come out of something like this, we decided against it for many of the reasons you guys pointed out in your comments. The reason I brought it up last post is we were contacted by yet another production company. I haven’t even returned the phone call because we are pretty secure in our decision. But, I did want to throw it out there on the blog to see what y’all thought on the matter, and you came up with pretty much every reason we had decided not to put our family through something like that in the first place. It was interesting to see how many people feel like they would never want to be on a show like that.

Anyway, the bottom line is that if it were just Lolly and I, we might consider it. But we are 100% unwilling to put our girls into a situation that would compromise their futures. They’re still so sweet and so innocent. And I have the feeling becoming a reality TV “star” (<—- I use the term very lightly) would change that. My job is to protect them. Not exploit them, even if it yields a college fund (which because of becoming a reality TV star would probably end up becoming a “binge drinking/clubbing/raving/heroin fund.”)

Have you ever SEEN a more lucrative-looking set of cash cows? It’s totally okay to ruin their lives because it will earn them money and that will solve EVERYTHING!!!

All right, I better get ready to go.