Is that such a crime?
So, after church on Sunday my good friend Leslie came up to me and said that she and her husband Richard had substituted Anna’s primary class that day. 
And, naturally, things got very interesting.
Apparently they were giving a lesson on the parable of the Prodigal Son. 
Anyway, Richard was giving the lesson and was describing how the Prodigal Son left his homestead with his inheritance, and went gallivanting around, squandering his wealth and living riotously before coming home to beg for a servant’s position form his father.
Of course, he was speaking to 6-year-olds, so he kept it simple. (I’m basing this conversation off of a transcription that Leslie sent me via email as well as the conversation she and I had about it after church.)
Richard: And then the prodigal son left his house. And he went to live in a big city. And he did bad things there.

Anna: What bad things did he do? Did he drink alcohol there?
Richard: Yes. I’m guessing he did.
Anna: And smoking? 
Richard: Probably.
Anna: What other bad things did he do?
Richard: Oh, just those things. He just spent all of his money on alcohol and girls and buying nice things he didn’t need, and eventually, he ran out of money. So he was in trouble. So then he…
Anna: What did he do to the girls?
Richard: …
Anna: You said he did bad things to girls. What was the bad thing he did to girls? Did he hurt the girls?
Richard: Uh, he just hung out with some of the girls… and then he decided to go home and…
Anna: Yes, but what did he to to hurt them? Did he do a bad thing to them?
Richard: Uh… he…
Leslie (interjecting):  Anna, he was just mean to the girls. He wasn’t very nice to them.
Anna: Oh. 
Richard:  So, after all of that, he decided to go back home to…
Anna: But did he do something to the girls? You know, that thing you do when you get married? Did he do that to the girls?
Richard and Leslie: *Sit in horror for a moment, wondering how on earth to respond*
Anna: Did he? Did he do that to the girls?
Richard: You’ll have to ask your mommy and daddy about that… 
(continues with the lesson).
So, yeah. Anna definitely asked if the prodigal son had sex with girls. In primary.  

Teacher, teacher! Was the Prodigal Son sexually active?

Gotta love that kind of honest questioning. Looks like we might be having the sex-talk sooner than we ever anticipated. 
Also in: Viva is now four years old!!!

Today was her birthday, and she had a Hello Kitty tea party. Here are some pictures of the cuteness.

Hello. My name’s Viva. I’m 4 now. 
So excited to be having a party! 
And the piece de resistance, the cake, which Viva herself designed and decorated. (Yes, if you are wondering, those four strawberries represent the years of her birth. Who needs candles, anyway??)

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you so much!