A conversation with Viva on her birthday:

Viva: I’m four now!
Lolly: That’s right sweet girl! You’re getting so big!
Viva: Mommy, when I grow up can I do bad things?
Lolly: Uh… what?
Viva: When I grow up can I do bad things?
Lolly: (hesitates) Do you want to do bad things?
Viva: Yes.
Lolly: What kind of bad things?
Viva: Like… *thinky face* using the scissors that only you and Daddy can use!?
Lolly: Yes, Viva. Yes. When you grow up, you can definitely do things like that. Plus, using scissors isn’t “bad.” It’s just dangerous.
Viva: Thanks mommy!
Cut to: the next day, Lolly and I walk into the kitchen and Viva is at the counter holding the forbidden scissors. “Look Mommy and Daddy!” she says. “I cut open this birthday present all by myself and I didn’t even cut my finger! Cuz I’m four now!”
Yes, Viva. Being four makes your little digits indestructible. Therefore, keep using those meat-cutting scissors. 
 Totally not dangerous!

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Oh, to dream a dream… to dream of using kitchen scissors like a grown-up. Now if only the “bad” things she wants to do remain so innocent, we’ll be set for life.