Which means we are NOT breaking news.

We’re just regular news.

Here’s the link to the promotional video:


I wish I could embed the actual video but… wait.







  video platform

  video management

  video solutions

  video player

I figured it out. Like a boss.

So… yeah. That’s tonight at 11:35 Pacific (or thereabouts. Can somebody smarter than me and less distracted by fear correct me in the comments if that’s not correct?)

Also, Lolly and I set up a Facebook page for The Weed, which looks like it has the makings of being a pretty awesome place to hang out. So, like me there if you want frequent updates and stuff. And if you’re so inclined, share the sucker. Let’s get all the The Weed supporters in one space!

All right. I’ll probably post another introductory thing tonight before the airing and may or may not take this post down.

UDATE: A couple of smarty pantses who understand how time and globes and numbers work (thanks Coach and Rebekah!) have pointed out that it’s actually Eastern. Not Pacific. Except, I also know that it airs at 11:35 here in Seattle because that’s what my DVR told me.

So, basically, look it up if you’re unsure!