Do you love your child but want him or her to stay in bed at night?

Is your child in a crib, and you know that he or she could probably climb out of the crib, but you don’t want to transition to a toddler bed yet because that would mean a perpetual battle of trying to make your child not ask for water 2348 times a night?

I used to have a solution for you!

It’s called a Crib Tent!

Here’s the basic idea. Your child is in a crib, and then there’s this tent thing that attaches to the crib and covers it up like a champ and boxes your child into the crib like magic. Your baby will sleep soundly and can’t get out and hurt herself by falling out of the crib.

It really is a tent on a crib!

Or, if you’re the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it could also be called a DEATH TRAP.

Here’s the recall they issued in May of this year (three years after our purchase and daily use of this product by the The Weed household).

Oh sweetie, you’ll be safe and sound in here. Unless the tent inverts and suffocates your tiny squirming body. But at least you won’t be waking me up in the night asking for Wa Wa *does sign for water*!

The good news in all of this is that we’ll probably be eligible to get about $60.00 of refund death-money.
The bad news?
We’ve got to figure out what the crap to do with a 19-month-old who probably needs to transition to a bed now.
So, I turn to you all.
How do you keep your kids tame as they transition from crib to toddler bed? 

In other news, Nightline’s tomorrow. So, plan to watch it. I, for one, plan to be curled up in the fetal position in my closet plugging my ears while it airs, much like the proverbial ostrich in the sand. 
So, yeah, let me know if it’s any good….