Thursday was a really interesting day.

In the morning, we got up and knew that our life would be on national television, and that we had no control over how it would go.

So, we spent the day getting ready and kind of zoned out. There was this weird mixture of terror and anticipation (as there has been all along in this process.) Waves of near-panic, leveling out to this strange kind of inevitablility.

By the time the show came on, I was keeping myself distracted by reading stuff on the internet. And then, I got the first text from someone on the East coast who had seen the piece saying it wasn’t bad at all, and the pit in my stomach lessened. And then (since I’m on the West coast) I waited as the show swept across the continent hour by hour, and got a small deluge of texts and phone calls saying “It was good! Really, it was very good!” each time it hit another time zone.

By the time Lolly got home from a girl’s night with friends, and the show was going to air, I had heard enough people tell me I wouldn’t be horrified that I was finally actually looking forward to watching.

So, Lolly and I sat, and we watched our local news channel report about our story (which was surprising and totally surreal). And then we saw our little family on TV, and watched our words be spoken, and saw very fair counterpoint, and saw a Nightline piece that was very kind to us and that told our story in a really fair way. Granted, there were things that weren’t exactly right (as there always are in this kind of thing, or so I’ve heard). But the overall feel was really sweet and fair, and I feel like they did us justice.

And now we can breathe for the first time in over a month. The terror has subsided, and instead we have a really neat memory of our story being fairly told.

It’s a really nice feeling.

Anyway, I wanted to post our reaction quickly, but I’m also posting to let you know that in 15 minutes (sorry for the short notice!) I’ll be on the radio in Canada.

It’s called the Drew Marshall show and I’m being featured as their “God Blogger.”

Here’s the link:

I hope you can tune in!