McViva Sandwich and a lofty goal.

Goal for The Weed: post in this blog every single day for one week starting today.

Every day.

Goal for you: don’t judge me if what I produce is below the standard of quality that you are accustomed to here at The Weed. I know I’ve probably coddled you, and that you might be really used to high brow things around here, like deep discussions of cameras being put up my rectum and the like, so this might be very hard for you to do.

I’ll do my best not to disappoint you. But if what I come up with is crap, I’m posting it. I might even post photos of literal crap if it comes to that.


In conclusion:

 This is the sandwich that Viva, my 3-year-old, asked me to make for her yesterday. English muffin, not toasted. Cheddar cheese. Broccoli. No condiments.
 Am I weird to think this is insane???

Post #1? DONE.
Take that, blog. WHAT NOW?
(PS, anybody care for a McViva Sandwich? I might start selling them from my mini-van. Down by the local elementary school. Wearing a wife-beater.)


  1. I don't want to purchase a sandwich, but I might buy a photo of you in the wife-beater selling the sandwiches next to a van. -I'd pay extra if the 'beater was stained and/or torn. 🙂

    I'll be back tomorrow. 🙂


    1. Ha, very nice touch! I think I can arrange that. I think I better get working on growing a creepy mustache as well. That should take about six months to fill out…

  2. Yay! A whole week? My insides are smiling, and not because of the sandwich. Okay, maybe because of the sandwich, it looks really good. A good side would be Bambi nuggets.

    1. Mmmm, you couldn't be more correct! "Yes, I'll have a #2 McViva sandwich with extra broccoli, and can I also get a side of Bambi Nuggets? Yes, I'll take the manure dipping sauce. Thanks!"

  3. It's broccoli and cheese to go….I think it's ingenious!!! I think I"ll have to try it with my kids. And I'm with Sam, Yay! a whole week!! 😀

    1. Right? I just don't understand how some parents can't get their kids to eat vegetables like broccoli. I mean, come on, how hard is it to put some in a nasty, dry untoasted English muffin with a load of cheddar cheese? Kids LOVE that kind of thing! You'll have to let me know how your kiddos like this new special treat.

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