Um, Wife and I need your help with something.

While I would stop short of calling Wife a hoarder, we do have an issue where she insists on collecting stuff that is… garbage.

Like the other day. I was digging around in a drawer, and I pulled this out.

Me:  Sweety, what’s this?

Wife: I dunno.

Me: Oh, okay. Well is it okay if I throw it away then?

Wife: No.

Me: Uh… why not?

Wife: Because we might need it some day.

Me: Need it for what?

Wife: For whatever it was made for.

Me:  And what was that?

Wife: I already told you. I don’t know.

Me: Rrrrrrright… *looks baffled*

Yes. That’s correct. We’re keeping a random piece of garbage in the off chance that one of us will wake up one day and think “hey, I could really use a random half-orb piece of technology bereft of context and purpose that appears to be either part of a children’s toy or a UFO. Wait, I know! We happen to have one in our bathroom drawer!” *pulls it out triumphantly*

So… if anybody knows what that is, feel free to let me know in the comments. So that I can throw it out. Because then we will know it’s garbage.

Also, if you could identify the other pieces of junk from the drawer that Wife is keeping “just in case” that would be, likewise, helpful.

Wife just said she thinks they all look very important. But are they? Are they important? Really?

Please, somebody help us out here.