Help! Can you identify these objects?

Um, Wife and I need your help with something.

While I would stop short of calling Wife a hoarder, we do have an issue where she insists on collecting stuff that is… garbage.

Like the other day. I was digging around in a drawer, and I pulled this out.

Me:  Sweety, what’s this?

Wife: I dunno.

Me: Oh, okay. Well is it okay if I throw it away then?

Wife: No.

Me: Uh… why not?

Wife: Because we might need it some day.

Me: Need it for what?

Wife: For whatever it was made for.

Me:  And what was that?

Wife: I already told you. I don’t know.

Me: Rrrrrrright… *looks baffled*

Yes. That’s correct. We’re keeping a random piece of garbage in the off chance that one of us will wake up one day and think “hey, I could really use a random half-orb piece of technology bereft of context and purpose that appears to be either part of a children’s toy or a UFO. Wait, I know! We happen to have one in our bathroom drawer!” *pulls it out triumphantly*

So… if anybody knows what that is, feel free to let me know in the comments. So that I can throw it out. Because then we will know it’s garbage.

Also, if you could identify the other pieces of junk from the drawer that Wife is keeping “just in case” that would be, likewise, helpful.

Wife just said she thinks they all look very important. But are they? Are they important? Really?

Please, somebody help us out here.


  1. That first one looks like a light up toy kids get to wear in their mouths at a skating rink. You just never know when something like that will come in handy 🙂

  2. The last one looks like something you would wrap a cord around. It's hard to tell without size references, but maybe you could attach it to the iron or vacuum cleaner? And the one above it is a foot from a step stool or some such thing. I don't think you should throw them away though. Take them to the thrift store, and that way when you need them you can go back to the thrift store and buy them. It's sort of like putting them in hock.

  3. My attempts – 1: A piece from a toy that you have probably long ago sent to the trash/donation. 2: A heel off a shoe. 3: The bottom of a stool/chair/etc. 4: Something to wrap cords/wire/string/stuff around.

    Having lived with a hoarder (serious), part of me says "Keep them!" Having lived with someone who is OCD (serious), part of me says "Throw those out now!"

    I live a conflicted life.

  4. The last one is for sure for cords. I'm thinking it is for miniblinds- does it have the holes so you can screw it into the wall?

    They all need to go in the trash.

    Life is too short to live with a bunch of crap in your house. Worst case scenario someday you "waste" an extra $5 to replace some of that crap.

    1. "The all need to go in the trash." That line made me laugh pretty hard. It's like "well, it could be this. Aaaaaand it needs to go in the garbage immediately." Loved it.

  5. My husband is a hoarder-lite and my MIL is a full fledged hoarder.

    Tried this experiment on my husband and it worked wonders (this is for anyone, not just people who like to keep tons of stuff):

    Box up everything in one room that you don't use on a daily or weekly basis. Label it well so you can find it if you do need it and put it in the garage/storage/neighbors basement. Leave it there for 6 months. Get out anything you really do need as you need it. At the end of the 6 months go through and make sure there are no "once a year" items (like a turkey baster) and donate or loan out all the rest. It is so liberating and even the worst "keeper" will enjoy the freedom!

    1. I do this too, in a way… I periodically go through our storage area, and as I open each box… if I haven't seen ANYTHING in the box in a year, I get rid of the ENTIRE BOX! If there is something I think we should keep I'll take it out… I usually end up turning 3 or 4 boxes into one. Then I fill up the space I've created by packing up things we actually have sitting out and not using, so next time I go through our storage space I have more boxes to get rid of! I have been doing this for several years and there is still a steady stream of stuff leaving our home (although the carloads are a lot smaller now, which means I'm winning!) After almost five years of this I have yet to regret (or even remember) anything I've got rid of.

  6. I think the last one could be a handle to a lid of some sort… like a roaster pan lid. This made me laugh out loud because I am the "keeper of random junk" …you know, just in case. Like all those keys that I don't know what they belong to! or the collection of little "keys" you use to change your locks on your door knobs… Why wouldn't I keep 12 of them in case I lose them one at a time. hehe.

    1. Right. "Well, we need to get into this magical room we've found in the back of our wardrobe. Where would the key be? Oh I know, the random pile of unassigned keys in the desk drawer!"

  7. I think you could tie off your boat with the last one….Attach it to your bath tub and buy the kiddo's a boat! LOL! The other three…Well, state the obvious…CRAP! Maybe the white one is a cover to a smoke detector? The top one well, who knows…do the batteries work? The 2nd pic could be a door stop. Do you have a little sled that you put out at christmas? Maybe the foot came off of one side, and the bottom pic is it? But I still suggest the boat for the bath!

  8. The last one is to wrap your headphones cord around. I got one with some headphones Chris bought me. If I remember correctly there are slots on the end the hook the cord in so you can shorten the wires so they are flapping around while you work out.

  9. I'm with wife. We have a junk drawer with miscellaneous bits busting out of it. 50% of the time, it's just a 2 inch deep, gliding trash can. But the other 50% of time is usually good for random pieces that we actually do end up needing. Which means 100% of the time, I'm right no matter what.

    1. Bit of a near-hoarding tendency yourself, Katie? Here's the deal. You go through our stuff and throw away junk and we'll do the same with yours. It will be awesome.

  10. I know, I know, I'm a bit late to the game.
    OK first picture of see-through plastic, no idea.
    2nd pic is the handle off a pot that has 2 handles. Missing one in your kitchen somewhere are ya?
    3rd pic belongs to your ironing board. It protects the floor from the metal "feet" OR perhaps the end of a shower curtain rod.
    Last photo-I agree with the above posters. It's a blind or curtain cord holder of some kind.
    I say you should make a family home evening of finding the "right" places for all the junk in the junk drawer. Could make for a fun evening!

    Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

  11. I think the first one is my tooth guard, for Tae Kwon Do (like boxers wear) I lost it a year and a half ago…how did you get it?

    The second one looks like a piece of obsidian, some hunter gatherer might need that for an arrow or spear head…you should donate it to good will

    The third one is my uncle JoBob's coffee cup. When were you in Virginia and why oh why did you take Bob's coffee cup…he loved that cup.

    The last one is my shoulder blade, which I lost in a Tae Kwon Do tournament last year. We've been searching high and low for it. I was getting desperate and about to file a police report. Thanks for keeping it in good shape and I'll need it back pretty soon…K?!

  12. I know this is an older post but I'm new here. That first picture scared me a little because for a split second I thought it was moldy birth-control. Yeah, seriously.

  13. The third one looks like the cap for one of those tube-shaped mail packages. I used to keep random stuff too, but then I got sick of it taking up space, so I just gave it to DI (or whatever thrift store). Perhaps somebody has been looking for that random thing and then they can get it for 50 cents and I don't have to worry.

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