Health Tip and a Banner

Two things for today:

First, a brief word of caution: I’ve read several studies now that indicate that the hour shift for daylight savings increases risk of heart attack in humans. (That sentence is only accurate if you change “read several studies” to “saw a headline on the Yahoo homepage that may or may not have said this, I don’t really remember because I wasn’t paying attention.”) This definitive fact being the case, I think it’s important that we all take some precautionary steps.

1. Go to bed one hour early (unless you’re watching a really good movie).

2. Sleep in one extra hour.

3. Figure out if this change happens tonight or tomorrow night. Because I can never remember.

4. Take a Bayer because it’s a blood-thinner. I think. Either that or it eats holes in your stomach. Sometimes I get the random headlines I see on the Yahoo homepage a little mixed up…

Whew. We’re all a little safer now, methinks. I think my civil duty for the day is done.

Second thing:

Wanna see a new banner that someone gave me?

It’s pretty spectacular. I think you’re going to like it.

I must say, as a former drug and alcohol addiction evaluator, I couldn’t agree with this banner any more than I do. Especially the part encouraging people to read Weed. I think it’s pretty clear that that’s a better thing to do. Which pretty much means that I’m fighting a war against drugs. And all I did was have a last name that’s synonymous with ganja.

Also, I love how it so clearly communicates the rarely-spoken message that if you smoke weed you will age 400 years in two days and your eyes will be made of blood. If I had quarter for every time I saw THAT happen…

(Does anybody else notice the special surprise I noticed as I studied it closely?)


    1. That is completely insulting and accurate. Those pictures look alarmingly similar. Is this a projection of what I'll look like in 60 years? (Yes, I plan to live till I'm 90.)

  1. Have you had some dental work done? And seriously, what's up with the old lady's eyes?

    Also, my kids forgot to read the memo on the time change. They are SO going to bed an hour early tonight!

    1. That's funny because my brain did the same thing. I was like, "wow, luck of the Irish! I hope that's a four leaf clov… whoa wait, that's not a shamrock."

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