In defense of Molly

We live in quite a media-frenzied world.

Because of this, sometimes really hilarious and also semi-traumatizing, but also really hilarious, things happen to people who are your Facebook friends.

Let’s talk about one of those things, shall we?

So, I’m not sure if you’re aware, but there was something important that happened last Sunday other than church. There was a football game that a lot of people pay attention to. And in said game, there was a quarterback for the Patriots who threw a pass that was dropped in the last quarter. And the guy that dropped that pass was named Wes Welker. And then the Patriots lost. And there’s been a lot of buzz.

There are those in this world who do not know these facts, which is totally understandable. It is, after all, a game. My friend, Molly, is one of those people. Or I should say, was one of those people.

Now, she knows.

This is Molly:

Look at all of those Butterfingers.

Molly walked out of her hotel in Boston on her way to Freedom Trail and noticed a pile of literally thousands of Butterfingers. Along-side the butterfingers was a sign. Thinking it was pretty funny, and with no idea who Wes Welker even is, she picked up the sign, had somebody snap a shot for her, and then went on with her day completely unaware of why there was a pile of butterfingers thanking some dude named Wes Welker. Seriously, if you saw a spectacle like that bereft of context, wouldn’t you be tempted to take a picture of the sheer magnitude of it?

Turns out, whoever took the picture on her cell-phone for her wasn’t the only person that got a shot of Molly standing by the butterfingers with that sign.

Later that day, she saw her picture appear in every sports news media outlet in the universe including NBCSports, USA TODAY, Yahoo! Sports and many, many others. 

And the thing that sucks is that Patriots fans WERE NOT NICE TO MOLLY.  

Well, I am here to defend Molly. I am here to say, leave Molly alone. She did what any self-respecting citizen with a cell phone who came across 8,000 Butterfingers would do. She snapped a photo. Nothing more than that. She picked up a sign, laughed to herself, and tried to freeze a memory of a strange circumstance. No Patsfan2008, she should not be curb-stomped for that. No EddieRamirez13, nobody should punch her smiling face for that.

Molly is a great person, everybody. We used to eat lunch together when I worked at a middle school teaching English and she worked with special ed. We were really close. Facebook friend close, even. Close enough that a couple of years later when we randomly ran into each other graduating from different Master’s programs at the same University on the same day, we didn’t even have to think too hard to remember each others’ names. We’re that close. So, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m an expert in how awesome Molly is, and why people should leave her the freak alone.

So, spread the word. Molly is not affiliated with the Pawn Shop that sent the tactless jibe. She was the unwitting and totally innocent messenger. Go hate on someone else who is deserving of your ire. Like Hugo Chavez. Or Snooki.

What a moment for the internet and social media! To on one day have bajillions of people see a picture that makes an innocent tourist look like a person flipping the bird to every Patriot fan in existence, and the very next day have approximately 7 to 15 people read the actual story of what happened posted by a blogger who knew the innocent tourist five years ago and gleaned the story from her facebook statuses.

I think today was a red-letter day for technology, people.


  1. Whats really dumb, is she could probably make a huge deal out of them using a picture of her without her permissiion…. AND even if she DID know what the sign meant and who is was talking about, she has every right in the world to take a picture with it! That is what we do!! If a team loses, (or a player loses for the team) they get made fun of. Big deal! It's life. People should grow up and leave her alone!

  2. Molly could have been ME!! Because I would have done the same thing. And wouldn't have known what was going on either. And still am not really sure what's going on.

  3. I feel for Molly. Having my photo taken in front of a rather large pile of chocolate-peanut-buttery goodness must have been too much to resist… Unfortunately she felt the need to hold the condemning sign in front of the candy pile… 🙁 -Chin up Molly! Any minute a sports fanatic will do something fantastically crazy and you will be forgotten. 🙂

  4. People on this planet take games way too seriously. If we put more effort into feeding and housing the homeless, or volunteering in our schools, perhaps something good would come of our efforts.

    okay, now that I've given you the politically correct lecture, I have to say: GO MOLLY!!! Even if you didn't have a friggin' clue what you were getting yourself into, I say go for some mulah baby! Make them compensate you for your image! And take about 30 of those candy bars while you're at it.

    To hell with football.

  5. Ok this is both hilarious and sad – probably hilarious because of the way you wrote it and also because I would totally do something like that, unwittingly. But it's sad that Pats fans got so butthurt over it because, *steps up on sports soapbox* seriously, Wes Welker deserved it. He dropped an important play. They lost the game. I don't feel that bad for him – after all, he's making millions. *steps down* Rock on, Molly!!!

  6. Oh dear. I've actually seen that picture. Being British and sportually oblivious, I had to squint at the caption to figure out what the heck was going on.
    I did, I will admit, assume that Molly was holding the sign because she was connected to the dump. It seemed a logical assumption to make at the time. Poor Molly!
    I hope she's not too upset by the whole thing? I know I'd be devestated in her position. Can she force the newspapers that printed her picture to print something clarifying that she was just a tourist posing for a picture, and not connected with the prank?

  7. I join Arienette in her sportual obliviousness. Not only that, I'm happy about it I tell ya. Thanks for defending Molly. I would have done the same thing with the same degree of ignorance. Except I would have grabbed a few candy bars and even though I don't know what a butterfinger is, I would have grabbed some anyway because, WTH? Free candy.

  8. "Seriously, if you saw a spectacle like that bereft of context, wouldn't you be tempted to take a picture of the sheer magnitude of it? " — Possibly, yes. But I think I would be more interested in the MOUND OF TASTY BUTTERFINGERS. And then the mound would greatly lessen in size.

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