…you get a hankering to make a video about Martin Luther King, Jr.

During some of the time off that we had this week because Seattle has become Alaska, Anna wanted to make a video about Martin Luther King, Jr. So, Wife helped her and they made a video that actually kind of touched me. It’s really short, and it has good information. Like that Martin Luther King did not, in fact, free the slaves like about 35% the Facebook statuses I saw on Monday claimed. Nope… what he did was different than that.

Here, watch. Make my 5-year-old’s dream of people seeing this video come true.

There. I’m pretty sure we just made America better.

In other news, after the fact, I came up with the best idea ever for my picture from last post:

This picture would be perfect for an ad for Viagra. Or for a doctor who specializes in E.D. So, if you peddle either of those things, call me! *does air phone* 
And finally, I wanted to mention that The Ultimate Foreplaylist is still under construction, but soon it will be up and we will change the world with THAT too.
So, so far in this post we have made America better, helped those with ED, and aided with intimacy. (Which is kinda the same thing. But different.)
Not bad for a quick post at 1:30 in the morning. Go us.