For all the skeptics and haterzz

that I make up in my head, because nobody has actually been skeptical or haterish.

BUT, here is proof that the Bambi Nuggets conversation actually happened. The other night as I was putting A to bed, she started talking about it again, and this time I had the wherewithal to bust out my phone and record it.

Enjoy the creepiness!


  1. Sorry @Cali didn't see you there–I had never seen that, but by golly if I'm not going to serve Anna a delicious Bambi cake that she can scoop blood out of to her heart's content. Delish.

  2. Haha I am vegan and Mormon and I LOVE IT! I couldn't stop chuckling. Totally approve her realistic approach to meat eating, lol, my 2yr old eats boca chicken and knows it grows out of the ground. If people ask her where her chicken nuggets came from she'll say the dirt and be right, and the confusion will be priceless. I would rather every kid knows where their food comes from whatever they eat.

  3. Family IS important. Do you still call her Beast? Because that is beginning to seem a little more applicable.

    (In all seriosuness, Josh, Anna is adorable! I love how she furrows her little forehead while contemplating how best to get rid of the blood.)

  4. Who could possibly respond to such adorable and atypical bloodlust with hate mail? This girl is clearly setting up for her future career as a butcher/tanner/furrier…

    (Chrome is telling me bloodlust is not a word, but wikipedia claims otherwise, so I'm sticking with it).


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