I would like you all to meet my friend Wendel.

“Hello, Wendel.”
Wendel is on something of a journey. 
He met a streak of bad luck recently. First he lost his job. Then he lost his house. Then he tried his hand at being an apps developer renting an office in my office suite.
He failed.
So, now he’s moving. From Seattle to Arizona. 
In this:
Is that a firetruck at the top of the pile, Wendel?
This is Wendel’s ton of crap in the back of his truck. And when I say a ton, I mean a literal ton. (As measured by a certified truck-stop scale in Jeremy, Idaho.)

At the beginning of the week, Wendel called me. He said that his truck fiasco was drawing a lot of attention. People at gas stations and stores were pointing, laughing and even taking pictures. And that’s when he proposed a business arrangement: He would advertise for The Weed on his truck for $20.00.
Being the shrewd business man that I am, I asked “will people be able to click on the truck and get through to my website?” Wendel explained to me the ins and outs of “computers”.  I was still a little bit uncertain–iPhones are quite powerful. Couldn’t they just click on the truck with their iPhone and get to my blog using their iPhone? But “no,” said Wendel. “You cannot click on a physical object and have it take you to a website. It will just draw attention to the name of your blog. And then some people might search for it. Nobody can click through to your blog from a physical truck with an ad on the side. Unless the truck happens to also be the world’s largest iPad. Which mine is not.”

Then he sent me these:

Oh, I get it now. It’s like a billboard. A billboard affixed to a literal ton of crap in the back of a pick-up truck driving across the country. 

Well, if you are one of the many many visitors sure to flood in, then hello!!! Thanks so much for seeing an ad on the side of a pick-up truck and then searching out my blog on a computer later.

Publicity is amazing!!!

Also, Wendel wants to meet you. And I mean you. So if you live in Utah or Arizona and you want a picture with the The Weed pick-up truck, follow my Twitter feed. Later on today, Wendel will be tweeting his locations so you can get a picture with The Weedmobile. (If you send me your picture, I’ll definitely post it here on the blog. Because that would be awesome.)

(Nobody will do this.)

In closing, BEST $20 I’VE EVER SPENT!