The Weed does Trololo

Have you seen Trololo?


Well, it’s perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve ever encountered. My friend Mary Matthews had it on her phone the other day, and she was trying to play it for me and a few other people, and truth be told, I just didn’t get it then. But then she sent me the link. And I pressed “click” and then saw a video that pretty much consummated my entire existence.

Would you like to see it?

I don’t know if you fully comprehend what you just watched, but I’m pretty sure angels just trumpeted and that you are going to have an amazing day and probably find a penny from 1966, the year this video footage was recorded and that if you buy a lottery ticket you probably might win.

I, for one, haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since I saw it. And neither has Wife.

Which led to this:

That performance was dedicated to Wife and to Mary Matthews and to Eduard Khil. And to my mother. And to the 1960’s. And to Dionne Warwick.


  1. I'm not sure what I love more: that you made the effort to dress up in your suit, or that you wrangled your ADHD into submission long enough to fashion a trellis out of coat hangers. 🙂

  2. Wow, you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for your responses.

    @Laura–Ha, totally.

    @Sheila–Why thank you. That was actually all Wife.

    @twilightgazing–I wish! I'd make it mine in a heartbeat.

    @Sarah–Yeah, when it comes to looking like a sociopath, I think I have a real gift. Doesn't hurt to have an eye that makes you look crazy.

    @Ben–True. Maybe I should also post a sing-along?

    @Taren–Ha! Thanks! Yeah, I think the blind eye takes me to a very unique level of I-will-drill-a-hole-in-your-skull-and-try-to-make-you-a-living-zombie which every Trololo impersonator needs.

    @me–Yes. Yes, that actually just happened.

    @Special K–Actually there were about 300 outtakes which involved us both cracking up hysterically. By the time I did that last one my voice was almost gone, but I made it through!

    @Cassanndre–Yes, I definitely rocked the Bundy/Dahmer vibe on this one.

    @Katie–You can watch it as many times as you need to you. It's my gift to you. 1 and a half minutes of peace while the kids are mesmerized by me being ridiculous. You're welcome.

    @Katie again–Not sure. Soon. Where when I say soon, I mean probably never.

    @Christine–I wish with all of my heart I could have done it to the actual orchestral accompaniment. I mean, total genius of cheesiness, there. But, alas, I was better able to pull it off with nothing.

    @Tamsin–Bahaha. You think I did that? Impossible. No, it was awesome. I got home from hometeaching and Lolly was like "…your set is ready!" as a total surprise. I walked into the living room, saw the hanger trellis, and started cracking up. She tickles my every fancy.


    @Steamme–Gracias, Amiga! (I just used the Spanish zeta to sound pretentious, btw.) I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

    @Wilma–Why thank you. *bows*


    @Karie Marie–Haha, thanks! Do they give awards in prison? To sociopaths? Because maybe that could suffice as an internet award 😉

    @Wilma–Yeah, just how does one explain this? "No, the guy that sang really weird was impersonating a Russian guy who sang really weird several decades ago because… it's awesome?" I'm glad he liked it!

    @Jan–Ha, thanks!

    @Just Another Girl–Aw shucks. Thanks!

  3. JOSH!!! That is incredible awesomesuce on a sundae full of freaktastic. How did he make the looooooo sound without actually making an o shape with his lips?? Also, your plastic hanger display against the backlights of the masterful placement of the hanging sheet? Brill.

    PS. I might not be able to get this tune out of my head. Thanks. 😉

  4. Let's see, Josh, how DOES one explain this? Well, it went something like this:

    Dad, you know the Trololo guy? Well, (insert uncontrollable laughter) there's this guy that mom reads his blog. (More uncontrollable laughter) He got all dressed up in a suit and (uncontrollable laughter) made a trellis out of hangers. Then he (laughing so hard he almost couldn't talk) did the Trololo song while his wife recorded it. He is SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!! (More laughing) (Somehow he got serious at this point–worried that he was going to get the hiccups, I think) He really looks even more weird than the real guy when he does this even though I think he's actually normal. He sings better than the real guy though.

    So there you have it. That's how to explain it. LOL

  5. This is definitely a win for the Wife/Weed combo.

    How cool is the woman who prepares a set for you to absolutely goof around, then publish your insanity to the internet? And then as if performing trololo on camera weren't goofy enough, finding the courage and wherewithal to digitize, upload and v/blog about the (mesmerizing) performance is envy fodder.

    Wife. Weed. WINNING!

  6. Trololo guy looks like a vampire trying to mesmerize us with those psychedelic visuals at the beginning, his wickedly great voice, yodeling and scatting ability and amazing dance moves. I suddenly feel like I need a good nosh on the neck.

    OK Josh, you guys have waaay too much time on your hands…but thank you for filling it with this because it made my night…I'm laughing hysterically.

  7. Josh, how on earth did you memorize those lyrics? That is just a triumph of the soul, right there. And you should tell Lolly that I think she is the most awesome person out there for rigging this up for you. Seriously, I love her.

  8. Seriously, this along with your last post, really cracked me up! Really, how do we not hear your wife laughing her head off? There's not even shaking from the camera! I'd never heard of trololo and I'm so sharing with my hubby and friends. ☺

  9. Until reading the other comments, I hadn't noticed that the trellis was made out of coat hangers. I originally gave it no thought except something like "wow, I wonder where they found that trellis". That is waay cool.

  10. Am I the only one who kept waiting for something to happen?

    Then I got distracted by Trololo's teeth.

    Also? I'm not sure but I think he was enjoying himself just a little toooo much, ya know?

    You need to work on the sociopathic gleam in your eye… you weren't quite there.

  11. i have a shirt with his face oh it. it is glorious and i wear it as much as socially acceptable/possible. <3

  12. TRULY life changing!!! Any coincidence that the caption read "LOL" in parts? IDK how Lolly or whoever was filming you didn't LOL. A-MAZE-ING!!! I especially love the hanger trellis!!! True talent if I've ever seen it!!!

  13. TRULY life changing!!! Any coincidence that the caption read "LOL" in parts? IDK how Lolly or whoever was filming you didn't LOL. A-MAZE-ING!!! I especially love the hanger trellis!!! True talent if I've ever seen it!!!

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