Oh, boy! You guys are in for a treat!

So, tomorrow morning, I am playing a violin solo for a church meeting. At 7:00am. On a Sunday morning.  Because my life is awesome like that.

Anyway, I got on here to write about this thing that happened while I was practicing with my accompanist. Basically, because the song I’m playing is really simple and super short, I was trying to brainstorm ways to make the performance less mind numbing befitting of a church meeting, and one of the things I threw out there was that maybe I could play the melody, play the descant, and then sing it a third time through. I was half-way joking. But my accompanist, who is a church leader, was like “I think that’s a great idea.”

Really? I’m going to be standing there playing the violin, and then in the middle of my performance, I’m going to put my instrument to the side and randomly start singing?

He insisted we try it out.  And as I tucked my violin under my arm and started belting it out I almost couldn’t keep from laughing. I held strong though and got through.

He was like “so what did you think?” and I was like “well, I almost started laughing. I mean, who does this? It feels a little bit like I’m a spectacle. Like the audience will be all on tenterhooks wondering what will happen next. ‘So, next is he going to strip off his suit and start an interpretive dance? Oh, maybe he will treat us with a verse in sign language. I sure hope he brought a kazoo and an auto-harp!'”

 “Oh, Bill, didn’t you just love the part where he danced hip hop to Janet Jackson wearing spandex?”

My accompanist thought my thinking was unfounded. So… we’re doin’ it. That’s right folks. I’m playing a violin solo AND singing. In the same performance.

Yeah. I’m that awesome. Because that is totally what it is. Awesome. And epic. And not weird or awkward at all.

Anyway, because of this development, I had a brilliant idea and decided I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak into what will happen tomorrow! I forwent the violin part, because *yawn*. But I’m going to sing the little ending part for you to prep for my big performance.

Gotta throw out some thoughts about the video before you enjoy though. 1. I just got out of the shower in this so, as you’ll see, my hair is a little bit like a bale of hay / Einstein’s fro during the later years (and maybe the early years? Have I seen a young Einstein? Were there even cameras that long ago? Man, I sure wish a raging genius scientist was here to answer all these questions for me.). 2. You know how I’m weightlifting like a beast now? Well, my bodyfat percentage is going down, but I’m also taking a little somethin’ somethin’ called creatine which has made my face expand like a piece of bread in a bowl of water. (This is my warning to not be expecting a face that could launch a thousand ships. Unless said ships were launched in terror. Away from me. As fast as possible.) 3. Remember how I have a blind eye? If you look closely, it will probably do weird stuff. I can’t remember. 4. I am not smiling at all. That’s because this video is SERIOUS BUSINESS. Except for in the middle when I can see Wife laughing out of the corner of my eye and I have to stop rolling so I can regain my composure.

All right. I think we’re ready for the performance.

I just rewatched it, and I was like “Whoa. Better than I even remembered.”

I don’t mean to ask a question with an obvious answer (BREATHTAKING), but what did you think?

UPDATE: So, I finished this post at three in the morning. And I had to get up by 6:30am. Before going to bed, I decided to shave. And for the second time in two months, I realized that I had left my electric razor at somebody’s house while on a trip (#ihaveADD). So, I launched into a complete meltdown. And then Wife came to the rescue with a fancy Gilette razor she bought for her legs, and I dry shaved for a minute, but then my whiskers were too long, so that’s when Wife came to my side and taught me how to shave. It was very tender, and reminded me of the movie Phenomenon and also of a very healthy father son relationship. I can’t deny that I will likely treasure the memory of her showing me how much lathered soap to use for a very long time…

Oh, and the actual performance? Went fine. It was as good as one would anticipate a combination violin/singing solo by someone who has had two hours of sleep and was just taught to shave by his wife would be.
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